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fullicide-SD avatar 10:07 PM on 03.06.2013  (server time)
Sadly not launching this month due to fair use and images...

For those few of you who may be wondering, is NOT launching this week (sad face). In fact it's not launching this month. The site was well on it's way to completion, and it really had a bumpy start. Working with CSS in Dreamweaver, when you haven't been taught anything about such mechanisms can be incredibly frustrating. But I got over that road block...what is going to make me miss my launch window is a legal issue. Basically it has to do with images.

I like images to accompany my writings, and for some time I was under the impression that the images I was using were under fair use/creative commons/public domain etc. I was wrong. The settings in my advanced search were disabled at some point and a majority of the images I was using are truly in a grey area that could land any person in a legal battle. Obviously I don't want that. With fair use search methods engaged, my imagery options very limited now :\

I was thinking about using a single image in the header for reviews but after speaking with an IP attorney today, that doesn't seem like a valid option either. I would prefer to have some kind of colorful imagery accompanying reviews until I can get into some unique plans for video.

I appreciate those few of you who are reading this and waiting, patiently, in anticipation of this work I've talked about for some time. This month I have to restructure all my written work, figure out the picture situation, and wait for a new launch window, which will likely be at the end of the month. I truly appreciate those of you who have payed attention to this page with keen interest in my on goings and the launch of FE. Please, be patient a little longer.

In other news, really liking Tomb Raider, SC2 HotS is next week (SQUEEEE ), learning some curious figures about income for streaming, and my best friend is actually visiting this week. That wouldn't seem like a big deal for most, but I actually haven't spent time with a friend in over three months haha.

Seriously aiming for launch at the end of the month.


PS- If you're lost to what I was talking about, take a gander at the top section of my previous blog...

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