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Cram session: What the Fu-Beta?! Why Bungie is Awesome, and patent law.

by fullicide-SD   //   6:01 PM on 01.29.2013

Alright, seriously can we just start calling it the Pre-Game now? Every game seems to have a Beta lately and while some games like SC2 are truly making attempts at wonderful changes to balance or create more competition, others literally just say "here's a beta, have fun, we might change some stats." To me, examples of this include the recently passed Medal of Honor, where the beta seemed to give no benefit to the final release of the game. Another, while I don't have a problem with it, is Crysis 3.

It's roughly twenty days away from the games release, and the Beta was just released today. However, the quality of the series has never really been in question. Even though there are always minor tweaks or a bug to fix here and there, Crytek makes very high quality games that, to most, are really hard to question. It's highly doubtful that with the release of today's beta that there will be any huge changes that follow because of it. Therefore, can we just start calling most of these Pre-Games.

Other Fun things to check out from the week thus far:
If you haven' seen it yet Bungie just showed us why American companies still can be at the top of the class. The video on Kotaku or YouTube is hilarious and I really recommend checking it out:


NewEgg is now a site I want to shop with more often because they have super balls, not just regular balls. When a sue-happy patent troll began to sue massive companies like Amazon, Victorias Secret, The Gap, and even NewEgg for using the shopping cart icon and coding, the company was the only one to not only stand up to the troll, but slew it, throwing its body down on the ashes of battle, spitting on its corpse. Seriously, NewEgg is awesome:


I said today's blog was going to be a little more personal, but I wanted to keep this blog short. By the end of the week I'd like to cover that more optomistic approach that most I've mentioned it to disagree with and maintain a somewhat cynical look at not only our entertainment industry, but ya know, stuff in general... As always, hope to hear from all of ya!


Sidebar: What does Destructoid have against Willem Dafoe? or for him if I'm reading it wrong...

Another Sidebar: Disqus is down again...woo!Photo view gallery
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