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6:12 PM on 08.26.2012

How are the Dtoid Show and Samhain related, you ask?

Well, you didn't ask, but...

Reading that Max Scoville listens to Danzig and seeing Max and Tara on the show, brought an image to mind. I'm a fan of both, the show and Danzig, and started to think about how the two are similar.

Max is tall. Tara is short. Max is the younger one with many varied talents: artist, podcaster, vloger, raccoon aficionado, and writer. Tara, too, is talented. She's a mathematician, writer, music lover, and body builder. And, I adore her.

Eerie Von, a long-time Danzig, Samhain, and Misfits band member, is tall. Danzig is short. Eerie is a photographer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, heavy drinker, and video watcher, and like Max, an all-around good guy. Danzig is songwriter, director, actor, comic-book publisher/author, an artist's Artist really, and is also heavily prone to fits of violence and anger---that last part gets me, he is soo like Tara it makes me *dawwww.*

Anyway, as a sincere tribute to two of my favorite things, everything that is Danzig and everything that is the Dtoid Show with Max and Tara, this is a photograph from the final Samhain album, Final Descent.

(*Source's may be needed.)   read

8:59 PM on 08.17.2012

When Death Had No Name

Remember when Death had no name? I don't either. But I believe that were I named "Death" my life would somehow have been significantly improved, in spite my name's meaning. It's a good one. There's a finality to it. But, instead, my folks were boring and would have chosen "Death" only before "Satan" or other generally objectionable words like "FuckButt."

Glenn Danzig, who I believe put together the Greatest Metal Album Of All Time with his self-titled debut "Danzig" (curated and tamed brilliantly by Rick Rubin), wrote a song that brushes across the subject of naming something "Death." It was an excluded track that only came to light (a brief snippet) with the release of the VHS "Danzig," which included several of the best---well I'm gonna say it--- the Greatest Metal Videos Of All Time. The song conceptualizes the word, the name: Death.

I've been thinking about the name because of the Darksiders II release, with it's protagonist, Death.

Here are the copy and pasted lyrics to "When Death Had No Name" ::

When death had no name
Time stood still
Life had no ending then

Before the word
There was no end
No fear, no mortal pain, no name

And this thing mortals fear
Dubbed evil, hungry
Waiting to no avail

Life without an end
Death without a name
Without a name

And our Eden burns in flames
Can our Eden still remain
Still remain

Can you really make it end, yea

And this thing mortals fear
Dubbed evil, hungry
Waiting to no avail

Life without an end
Death without a

Yea, when death had no name
Time stood still
Life had no ending then, yea
Oh oh yea, yea
Oh oh, oh oh oh, oh


So it's a good song, if you haven't heard it, hear it is:
There is no official video.

So, why did I write this? Why did I write it on Destructoid as my very first blog?
Simple, because I want Darksiders II and Danzig uses the protagonist's name better than most.
And, Death reminds of Danzig.
And, the iconic Danzig Skull.
And, that is what the image is for.


~Death   read

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