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Leonard Paul attained his Honours degree in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University in BC, Canada with an Extended Minor in Music concentrating in Electroacoustics. He began his work in video games on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System and has a fifteen year history in composing, sound design and coding for games working for companies such as Electronic Arts, Backbone Entertainment, Radical Entertainment, moderngroove entertainment, Rockstar Vancouver and Black Box Games. He has worked on over twenty major game titles since 1994, including award-winning AAA titles such as EA's NBA Jam, NHL11, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, NBA Live '95 as well as the indie award-winning title Retro City Rampage.

Freaky DNA actually started out as a live power-trio with three members: Leonard Paul, Patrick Mitchell and Lars Korb in 1996 after they had met in an electroacustics class at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. They discovered their name by picking out random word combinations and settled on the one that made them chuckle. They basically took turns playing the guitar, drums, bass guitar and an Oberheim Matrix 1000 synthesizer that Lars would commonly play on the floor cross-legged while groovin' to the beat. They practiced in Len's basement, garnering several music complaints - so many that they eventually filled up the basement box window with sand. They eventually went on to play such memorable gigs including being the warm-up band for a warehouse rave and in the corner of a falafel restaurant next to the deep freeze.

Sadly Lars moved to Germany and the band basically split up but Len and Lars continued to make music together over the internet and released several songs on Pigeon Records in Munich and Urban Guerilla Records in Hamburg. After a while Lars went on to make his own music as the Bugbreeder and Len continued with the Freaky DNA moniker and eventually released the earth-shattering jungle anthem "Big Ass Beats" on vinyl with Pigeon Records.

Len has continued to perform under the name Freaky DNA and has done gigs in the UK, Germany, Holland, Japan and Canada.

In recent years, he has broadened his attention within the field of game audio to include game audio education and spent five years as a full-time instructor of game audio at the Vancouver Film School and is currently a sessional instructor at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. He has published papers in academic journals and has contributed chapters to books focusing on video game audio such as Karen Collin's From Pacman to Pop Music. He is also a new media artist whose solo and collaborative work has been exhibited in cities including Surrey, Banff, Victoria, São Paulo, Zürich and San Jose. As an electronic music artist he has performed in cities such as Osaka, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Len is also a well-known documentary film composer, having scored the original music for the multi-award winning documentary "The Corporation" which remains the highest-grossing Canadian documentary in history to date with over 37,000 documented soundtrack downloads from Kikapu Records on

He is an internationally renowned speaker on the topic of video game audio and has been invited to speak at at the Game Developer's Conference no fewer than six times since 2003. The Audio Engineering Society, AMAZE Festival, Banff New Media Centre, Interactive Futures Conference and several universities have requested his lectures as the field of games continues to grow. In the past five years he has delivered lectures in Lyon, Berlin, Bogotá, London, Banff, San Francisco, San Jose, Porto, Angoulême and other locations around the world.

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