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fozzyozzy avatar 12:44 AM on 02.20.2011  (server time)
The Latest Jimquisition Rages My Pages...

You cannot appreciate what we have now until you understand where they came from.

I consider myself a "retro gamer", and I'll tell you why "retro gamers" shouldn't fuck off. Because at the end of the day, THEY'RE the ones making the fucking games you're prematurely idolizing. At times, even the shittiest of retro games can have a single shining moment of clarity for the development of games to come. Think about it. If there weren't games like Jazz Jackrabbit, we'd have no Gears of War today for the simple fact that Cliffy B wouldn't have had a job in the industry.

You say the original Legend of Zelda looks like shit. But you say that because you don't have taste. In your mind, the entire game was cobbled together in an opium frenzy and just had the LUCK of being influential. You have to understand the choices that were made in order to conceptualize a set of colored pixels into a character that would readily identify with a player. It's funny too, as protagonists become more and more exact in their puppetry, how much less likeable they become as a whole ala Samus Aran or Nathan Spencer. "Zelda looks like shit" "terrible pacing." Christ, you sound like an amateur. There was more controlled pacing in Zelda than all of Fable III.

Quick question: Who's the better artist? Bill Watterson or Rob Liefeld?

How can you not appreciate the economy of fun these older games had? I can pick up a cartridge and within seconds be playing the first level of MegaMan 2. Hit the start button on Double Dragon and instantly be punching dudes. Meanwhile I wanted to turn off Red Dead Redemption after 2 hours because nothing was happening.

There's also the matter of community. And by that I mean between player and game maker. Dead Space had great visuals and art style, but that's a team of Europeans I'll never know. Does anyone read credits anyway? Big teams have their place in all industries sure, but you can't argue a poem by Emily Dickinson is inferior to a book written by a committee. In the past years we've seen a surge in popularity for independent game creators who (with a retro styling) have become more involved in personal projects: Dan Paladin, Gaijin Games, Jon Blow, Jason Rohrer, 2d Boy, Playdead Studios, Daisuke Amaya, and more. To argue retro games are shitty is to undersell each of these individual's accomplishments and insult their fans. These games are successes because they are reflective of a more concentrated notion due to a singular vision, and therefore inhabit a simplicity of gameplay that appeals to a wider audience.

We're all retro gamers at heart because the games we decide to champion as classics we depend upon to be the backbone of all games.

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