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fozzyozzy avatar 1:17 AM on 02.28.2010  (server time)
The Great American Game Collection

What do you do with a degree in English and a growing collection of videogames? Not vastly growing, or unreasonably meek-- the sort of collection a Foodie would have of coffee beans might be the more apropos descriptor. That being said, here's an effort in every progress themed mind to catalogue the things he/she owns. Yes, it's a vain glorious clutch at the incorporeal value of life, but I can't chastise myself for the pride I feel when I look out upon the decent cornucopia of electronic challenges. Maybe one day I'll never pick this blog up again, but for now here we go: to tackle the title destined to either be the only or the first!

I still possess this relic of the wrestling game genre because for me, more than anything else, this was MY "Street Fighter". The commentary is short and repetitive and the wrestler's likenesses are behind in fidelity when compared to Acclaim's previous "Wrestlemania" arcade games. "War Zone" gets a bad page in the library since it came around with more startling company, namely the WCW/NWO series. Make no mistake about it, this title was that ever important bridge to the skills one should develop in a "serious" fighter like Soul Calibur or Street Fighter.

Of course multiplayer was the key component of me spending an entire day over at my friend's house sitting Indian-style in front of a 13" television set. It's hard to say what possesses young children to laugh with unadulterated glee as they repeatedly hammer Rocky Maivia with Stone Cold Stunner after Stone Cold Stunner in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Games didn't have to have set goals where you HAD to win. So many hours spent in cooperative needless violence. Sure, it's lo-fi violence, but the hits sounds somewhat realistic.

This is my first entry to the Great American Game Collection

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