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foxhound009 avatar 3:26 PM on 05.29.2008  (server time)
TF2, Smashd's G15 app FTW (PC)

Hi fella's and hollaa chicka's

As you all know TF2 is .. well.. great
But I found a way to improve the whole TF2 experience even more :)
since I'm a proud owner of an G15 Logitech kboard
I have the ability to run some great apps which improve my gaming experience.

Since there are many many people playing our beloved TF2 game
and some of you may actually own an G15 or planning to buy some
new gaming gear I think this thingy is worth mentioning.

The smashD's TF2 stats

It's an app that shows some usefull info on the G15's lcd screen
usefull... and cool looking :P

here are some features:

- player class (I)
- server ip (II)
- map name (III)
- kills/frags (IV)
- point captures (V)
- suicides (VI)
- deaths caused by others (VII)
- kill/death ratio (VIII)
- deaths (like dieing from fall damage) (IX)
- number of kills in a row (X)
(suicides or other deaths wont reset this, only getting killed by somebody does)
- current time and time spent on current map (XI)
- number of times you've been killed the last time and its name (XII)
- button 4: reset statistics (manual reset, automatic reset is made on every map change) (XIII)
- button 3: (not shown in the image above yet) switch between main and stats graphs screen
- button 1: save current LCD output to tf2stats.png[img]

Feel free to check out Smashd's website for more info


And if you own an G15 help by using TF2 stats while playing TF2 :P and
leaving your feedback :)

The installation is pretty easy, and the app has got some awesome 3d animation thing going on :)
There are more apps like this to other games, nice macro options with G keys and other stuff :P if you are interested in G15

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