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foxhound009 avatar 3:17 PM on 10.06.2007  (server time)
TDU: Sample of how Atari doesn't care about their customers...

Here's my story.. on day (last friday) I was going to buy something at Media Markt, Europe, I'm going trough the store and then I've spotted something I've forgotten about. I've spotted a nice copy of Testdrive Unlimited... it was only 25 euros, since I have watched like a 20 trailers of the game and recently upgraded my pc to recommended level of new games I thought why the hell not.

So I was rushing to my home on a bike with speed of a ferrari thinking about how to pwn somebody,
but when I installed it and tried to enter some multiplayer in online mode.... it would give me a message how I "can't reach another player, connection problems" blabla or something like that.
And this is when it started, I went on the atari forum/support site and found dozens of guys like me who either had my problem or couldn't connect to server at all! There are guys who emailed the
atari but for a weeks hadn't got any answers... there were supposed to be some kind of patch some
time ago but there was nothinnnn..... So here I say Atari you do not care about me, customer, your cash. Atleast an reply on the forum would be nice......
the readme file about opening ports didn't help either....
You're gonna do something to prove me wrong???

How much of you gamers have recently encounterd such things... where you feel like one pissed of customer?

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