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foxhound009 avatar 6:49 PM on 03.14.2008  (server time)
Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Hi all,

I would like to present to you my Gaming Rig...
It is my first build, I had some really shaky hands while building it.
Since I haven't before done anything like building my own pc :P
I had some issue's... actually a LOT of issues...
First of all I was working to get the money in my vacation :P which was no fun(lot of dirt and
filthy market paper flyers)... After I bought all of the parts :).. the LEGO has begone
1.. 2... 3... ..... 1.5 hour xD and wholaaa it's a whole!

but then I've turned it on... and there it was... The Beeep..
I took it to tech guy at pc shop... for about 5 times (he charged me about 20 euro's for each time :/ ) after fifth time he discovered it :/ my mobo was touching the case....

returned with the rig.. turned it on.... and.. hmmmmmm the colours seem weird :s
but this time I fixed it(kinda) myself.. I placed the memory dimm in different slot :P working!!!

then.. after 3 months I decided to change my vga to amazing 3870!! WoooooW
I bought it, set up the whole thing :P and I'm turning it on....
UT3 I thought....
dubble click . .
my pc shuts down :/

(forums... forumss.. forumsss)

I replaced my psu.. to an 500 watt extreme power cooler master and yuppie it works... kind of..
My pc often reboots it self when starting or shuting down the game.... :/
and the letters(links, windows logo and so on) are all weirdet out... different colour than they were before... + sometimes it takes two power ups for windows to log on :D .. I need to reset it because of the freezes.....

btw. I skipped few parts.. like missing parts and shit :P

And here I am waiting... and watching.. :P I wonder if it will explode 1 day xD

that was it :P a little story of my and my rig :)

ow.. yeah :P here are the specs
x2 64 4200+
1gb ddr2
extreme power psu 500 watt
white case (27 euro)


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