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Good news, Xbox One players, if you havenít already heard. Grand Theft Auto V is at last making the jump to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The remastered port was announced at E3, and it will be out sometime this year. We donít have a lot of details about potential changes to the gameóand considering GTA Vís success, itís hard to imagine Rockstar would really want to change too muchóbut thereís still incentive for you to pick it up again if you played it once already.

The biggest change from the original versions to the new ports is that GTA Vís visuals will be better in every way. When you play GTA V on the Xbox One, youíll be treated to high, detailed grass, new wildlife, a denser NPC population, and enhanced graphics on everything. If you thought GTA V looked good when it launched back in September 2013, youíll be blown away by how weak those graphics look when compared side by side with the new ones. You can even check out some comparison screenshots and videos for that very purpose. Rockstar wants the world to look and feel alive, and the power of the Xbox One makes that possible.

So, will there be any new GTA V content on the Xbox One, or will it be the exact same experience as before? We canít say for sure. The new versions of GTA V will include the full game and all of its DLC content, but no one has said anything about new exclusive content. Still, itís a definite possibility, as it would provide an extra incentive. If not for GTA V itself, perhaps there will be special GTA Online content for the Xbox One. Even if there isnít, GTA Online promises to be better than ever with the increased power, and your Online data will be transferrable so you donít have to start over from scratch.

Of course, you might be reading this because youíre interested in playing GTA V for the first time. Maybe you didnít have the previous generationís consoles, but you have an Xbox One, or maybe you had them and just never got around to playing that specific game. Thatís another great reason in support of remastersóthey pull in a whole new audience of fans who missed the gameís original release, even when itís only a single generation away.

Whatever happens in terms of content, we shouldnít have much longer to wait. GTA V is due out on the Xbox One and the other new systems before the end of the year, although the release date hasnít been announced yet. Still, in the wake of video game delays that have haunted us lately, thereís space in 2014 to fully enjoy GTA V on the Xbox One.

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