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flooky avatar 9:40 PM on 01.03.2009

Ok seriously I'll tell ya what happened to lil ol me. I started up school in the fall and I got back to hanging with the good old gamers club, the mess of geeky ass people that made me feel normal(and thats saying something coming from me).

But it got me back into my nintendo love fest that I thought I had buried in the back yard like my hamster charlie, never to arise again. Boy was I wrong.

I acquired a Gameboy color from a friend for free and would compulsively attempt to beat 122 on tetris(NO NOT THE DIRTY KIND OF TETRIS). I popped in my old links awakening had a running through a meadow spinning with the gameboy type of euphoria from playing it.

Then I "accidentally" stumbled upon my copy of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I became obsessed with Zelda games real bad after I remembered how much fucking fun they are...and how much I hate Navi...

(Fat Link + Needlepoint...lolwat?)

It started with the Ocarina...then I was at a friends house and saw his roommates phantom hour glass game..just laying there...unloved...unused...unplayed....I COULDN'T RESIST! IT WAS SCREAMING FOR ME! SO I STOLE THAT SHIT GOOD!

Then I was so impressed by the awesomeness of it and I loved the game so much I got Wind Waker for Christmas and I'm completely hooked.

So basically don't be surprised if you find me in an ally some where smoking out of a Ocarina shaped bong or shooting up with a wind waker looking syringe.

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