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1:48 AM on 08.21.2009

So I modded my DS to have a clear housing...

I never really thought it was the coolest thing in the world but when I posted it in IRC people went bat shit sorta.
And by people I mean Vexed_Alex.

So I guess I'll unveil to you all my grainy shots of my clear DS taken with my N800 tablet....

God that is a terrible camera attached to that little fucker, sorry about the quality I'll hopefully update tomorrow with better...clearer pictures. BADUMCHEE!

Well I've had it like that for about 2 years... I think... I don't really remember when it happened actually.

I just remember the screams of horror when I couldn't get the screen to turn on for like an hour after I put it all back together. Then I checked all the connections and found a few loose ones and fixed it.

I seriously DO NOT suggest you do this to your DS unless you know what your doing it took me for fucking ever to get the springs to sit correctly in the left and right buttons.

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