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floatato's blog

10:19 PM on 12.31.2010

Please allow me to introduce myself

I am not a man of wealth and taste./

Hi I'm Pete, I live in the north east of England and I've been reading this site for about two years now so I figured it was about time I got involved with the community. Heres a list of things.

1) I think the most strongest emotions I have ever felt while playing a game where when Luis Sera died in Resident Evil 4, I literally screamed "NO!" at my TV screen. I'm not entirely sure why.

2) I am pretty much exclusively a single player gamer since most of the games I would want to play online involve teamwork and I am terrible at teamwork. Also I'm to cheap/broke to pay for Xbox live.

3) I suck at games. To this day I can't get past the marble zone in Sonic and I've been trying since I was about 7 years old. I am now 20. I hate you marble zone.

4) I probably played about a hundred hours worth of Super Thunder Blade on the Megadrive as a child.

4) I'm a student at the moment studying a course I have no interest in that will almost certainly prove usless in as far as getting a career goes, it doesn't matter though because I'm totally going to get in shape and become a world famous proffesional wrestler. Honest!

5) One day I'm going to steal a penguin from the zoo. I will call him Percy and he will be my greatest ally.

6) I may or may not have written this at 4.30 am after an evening of new years merryment. Happy New Year y'all.


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