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flaming burrito

FlamingBurrito's Blog-o-rama

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Dtoid Fight Stick: Tournament Edition Mockup Update!

I decided on some different art, and went for a more minimalistic design. Also, I ordered my plexiglass cover the for the art (here), so as soon as that gets here I'll post photos of the real thing. The main problem with the last design was that I don't have a high res picture of the dtoid logo so it will look like crap when I print it out.


BlazBlue Collector's Edition!

The BlazBlue collector's edition will contain an, a 2 disk soundtrack, and a bonus disc containing tutorials from the experts at Dustloop.com and Shoryuken.com. The video walks you through each character, showing you the ins...


PAX East Registrations are Open!

PAX East will take place on March 26th - 28th 2010 in Boston Mass. $30 per day, or $50 for a 3 day pass. It's a long time away, but if you wanted to register now, you can head over here; http://www.paxsite.com/paxeast/index.php


About flaming burritoone of us since 1:41 PM on 11.30.2006

Check out my tumblr for more NVGR stuff.

I like games. I usually don't have much to say that wouldn't be considered failblog, but in the rare occasion that I have something interesting to say, it will go here.

My passions is programming. I'm considering going into game design, but as of now I'm leaning more towards internet security.

My current gaming obsessions include:
Mass Effect (Which I was playing through before BB came out. I'll need to go back and finish it at some point.)

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