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flamecondor avatar 11:55 AM on 05.04.2009  (server time)
20 Game Boy games in 20 Days* Day 9

*days may or may not be concurrent.

And we are back, I wish I had an excuse for the 4 day delay, but I've just been lazy. Plus been playing lots of handheld Zelda (why did I not buy the Oracle games or Minish Cap when they came out). Anyway onto todays game. One of my favorite type of game is the single screen platforming game, you know like Bubble Bobble. Now as awesome as Bubble Bobble is it was never really my fav game that fell into that niche. I always enjoyed games like Tumple Pop, Rodland and so on, I really wish they would make more games like this.

I'm finding it hard to find a lot to say about this game other then I like it. The whole game much the same as something like Bubble Bobble. clear the screen of baddies and then onto the next screen and so on & so on until you reach the end. Its very simple and yet very fun. I dunno if its because I played this before Bubble Bobble but I enjoy this a hell of a lot more. It just feels somewhat deeper then Bub and Bobs Bobble Popping adventure. To me Bubble Bobble always felt rather simple, blow a bubble catch a monster kill it and so on. And while Snow Bros does feel very similar it feels different enough to make it as not just a Bubble Bobble clone but as its own game.

So you control your little Snow Bro, jumping up and down the screen to clear the monsters. You have 2 ways in which you can eliminate them. Your main attack is you throw snow at them. As soon as they are covered with enough snow they will form a snow ball. From hear all you need to do is go up to the hit attack and they will go flying left and right hit walls and falling down gaps until they reach the ground floor, once they they explode and away they go. Any monsters in the path of the Snow ball will get knocked out. Monsters that have been knocked out will leave something for you behind, be it a food item to give you more points or a power up.

The only way monsters will drop items is if they have been knocked out by a snow ball. So if you wanna get through the game easily its a simple job of snowing up the monsters and kill them one at a time. Or you can just try and wait till everything is in position and then say snow the one at the top and try and knock out as many as you can with a single snow ball. And I guess thats the trick with a lot of good arcadey sort of games. You can just play for fun and get through the game as normal if you want or you can be dead serious and play for points. Its a shame the Game Boy version didn't have multiplayer as games like this are always more fun when played in tandem. The game works very well on the Game Boy, the graphics are nice and simple the sound is rather good and the controls are great. Its an awesome little pick up and play game thats nice and simple and seems almost designed with the Game Boy in mind.

Its a real shame the Snow Bros games don't get a lot of love as they are really solid games. I've only played the arcade version and this one. I am aware there was a NES port & a Mega Drive port, both of which as with the Game Boy version seem to go for rather high amounts on ebay. I'd love to see this game get a nice HD redo on XBLA or something. Hell just a new version would make me happy I guess. Still even if that day never comes I'll always have it on Game Boy. Its funny whenever I'm in a mood for some old school Monochromatic Game Boy lovin this is usually the first game I go for, its just soo addictive and made for the pick up and play nature of the system. Now if I could only track down Rod Land on Game Boy I would be soo happy.

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