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flamecondor avatar 2:45 AM on 07.08.2009  (server time)
20 Game Boy games in 20 Days* Day 19

*days may or may not be concurrent

Iím a huge Wrestling fan, as far back as I can recall Iíve been into the WWF/WWE. As we've already established I'm also a huge fan of the Game Boy. So its only natural that I got a few of the WWF games for the little handheld that could. Todays game is not the first one WWF I played (I think that was WWF Royal Rumble on SNES unless there was something earlier on the C64) but it was the first one I owned.

Its funny with Wrestling games in that they seem to date rather quickly just due to the revolving roster the Wrestling feds have. You can have a game from 2 years ago and I swear sometimes half the roster is no longer with the company. I just always felt odd playing a wrestling game where I had to vs guys who were no longer around, anyway I digress. Superstars 2 came out in 1992 and was released by our good friends at LJN (hey look another LJN game that doesn't suck) and featured a jam packed roster of Six Superstars of the squared circle, 3 of whom by the time this game came out were not even part of the roster anymore. While 6 may not sound like much it was a step up from Superstars 1 which let you choose from a mighty selection of 5 stars.

The Superstars for your choosing in the game are Hulk (Can't Job) Hogan, The Undertaker, Jake ďThe SnakeĒ Roberts, Sid (Can't do top rope moves with out breaking my leg) Justice, ďMacho ManĒ Randy Savage & The Mountie. I'm kinda baffled by the roster in this game, when you look at the line up at the time when this game was being made (I'm guessing late 1991) it just seems odd guys like Jake or the Mountie would make it in over guys like Bret Hart (who was on a major IC Title Push) or Ric Flair (being positioned as the top heel at the time). Oh well, the roster may be small but at least it had the Undertaker who by the time I got my hands on the game in 1994 or 95 was easily my number 1 guy (well maybe number 2 after Bret hart).

However for all the whining about the size of the roster it really means squat cause each and every one of the wrestlers plays exactly the same. They all have the same 3 grapple moves, the same punch and kick, the same top rope elbow drop and so on. The only thing that separated each wrestler over then their Sprite was the music that would play after the match when they win. Which is something that annoyed me with some of the later Game Boy Wrestling games (Warzone, Attitude, Wrestlemania 2000) in that they did not have the wrestlers theme playing. I know its a tiny thing to gripe about, but for me the whole theatrics of the thing are just as important as the wrestling.

Even though all the characters played the same I still played as the Undertaker all the time. No way I was going near The Mountie or Hulk Hogan. As I said before I'm odd with my Wrestling games, if someone was not in the fed at the time I wouldn't use them. I got this in 94-95 and the only guy left on the roster by that point The Dead Man so I would play through the game time after time after time just using him. The steel cage mode & tag team modes where a nice distraction from 1 on 1 play, but it does get all very repetitive after awhile, it would have been nice if they could of done more with the wrestlers actually make them different and unique, but I guess from a wrestling game made in 1991 for the Game Boy that may have been asking for too much.

So yeah each wrestler plays the same, no signature moves, the same stats which is a bummer I guess. Still I enjoyed the game, played the hell out of it. Its not exactly an indepth game by any means, and I guess compared to all the other WWF games on the Game Boy it is the weakest, but it was still lots of fun. The steel cage mode a nice distraction but looking back now there is hardly any replay value in it. If you do want to go back and check out some Monochrome 8bit WWF fun, there are others that would be worth your time.
Anyway speaking of Wrestling, thats where I'm off to now, w00t for first time in 2 years WWE comes to Perth and first time we get RAW here. Hopefully it won't disappoint (which it won't cause Batista isn't here and thats awesome). Oh and one more day to go, and least just say I have saved the best game for last.

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