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flamecondor avatar 11:30 PM on 07.06.2009  (server time)
20 Game Boy games in 20 Days* Day 18

*days may or may not be concurrent

There was a time when I cared for The Simpsons. When I was younger I was into them soo much. Now days I honestly can't sit myself down to watch an episode anymore. I've just outgrown it, which is weird cause most of the time I can still sit down and watch most shows from my childhood again and again (even Captain Planet or Widget the World Watcher). But Simpsons I dunno what it is I just can't stand it anymore, I think its more a reflection on the newer stuff then the older. Over the years Simpsons have had many many games and hardly any of them are what you would call good. When I got my Game Boy on that fateful Christmas day back in 1992 one of the 4 games I got was a Simpsons game and while not the greatest game, it was a AAA compared to most of the other Simpsons games at the time.

So lets see what we have here. Massively huge franchise with heaps of merchandising possibilities, Check. TV show that while awesome doesn't really lend itself well to a video game, check. Lame ass video game tie, not really. I'd say I've played a fair chunk of Simpsons games (all barring the recent ones like Hit & Run) and from what I have played they have more or less sucked. Simpsons Escape from Camp Deadly is the shinning star out of the bunch for me. Sure its nothing more then your standard 2d platformer with the Bart as the main character, but damit I enjoyed it. Sure I'm most likely looking back on this one with a pair of the good old retro goggles but to that I say meh.

So the game is a 2d platformer featuring Bart in his quest to Escape from the horrible Camp Deadly. Barts main weapon of choice in the game is a Boomerang for some odd reason. You don't start the game with the Boomerang, you need to get it from Lisa, which is more or less 30 secs into the game. For those whole first 30 secs your limited to your other attack which is Spitwads, all they do is stun enemies. Once you do get the Boomerang however you only have about 4 of them to start out with. When you attack with a boomerang, it will go to the end of the screen and then as all good boomerangs do come back to you, if you miss it its gone and you'll be down one. I'm still baffled why Bart uses boomerangs in the game cause I sure as hell don't recall him ever using it in the show, but whatever.

The game is split up into several different areas, the first being just your standard run and jump platformer. You do need to collect flags scattered along the level but other then that its your usual stuff. Enemies take the form mainly of camp counselors which this place must have a lot of given how many of them come after you. Other then them you have stuff like Bee hives to dodge, water to jump over and stuff like that. Once your past the first area its lunch time and into the cafeteria which sees you stripped of your boomerangs and now you need to use various food items to attack with. You need to be careful here as if you get caught hurling food in front of the cafeteria staff though cause if they catch you they will force you to eat all you have on you thus leaving you weaponless until you can get more food. Other then that its more of the same I guess. Once you have done that its time for some more Capture the flag and then back into the cafeteria for dinner. Next sees you climbing up the mighty Mount Deadly which I swear took me ages to finish and then finally a quick trip to the Power Station (I dunno) to defeat Iornfist Burns and then you've earned your freedom.

Playing this now there is a lot wrong with the game, the Jumps are floaty, the gameplay is very generic, but for some reason I still enjoy it. I know that I'm looking back on this game with the Nostalgia goggles, but I don't care. It was one of my first 4 games on the Game Boy and yes had I never played this when I was growing up I would not give a damn about it, but I did so I do. Its a hard game to judge cause looking at it theres not much other then the license that makes it feel like a Simpsons game. Its just a Platformer with Simpsons sprites on it, but I guess thats the same with a lot of licensed games. Theres nothing really special about the game that makes it stand out other then the fact its a Simpsons game. Having said that its still a hell of a lot better then a lot of the other Simpsons games we had at the time. Still when you look at the Quality of Simpsons games back then, thats not really saying much is it.

Oh and a quick FYI should have the next one up a hell of a lot quicker then this one, blame moving house and broken PC on this one taking soo long, fingers crossed I may have the next part done tomorrow and who knows may even be able to finish this thing by the end of the week. Peace out guys.

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