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Age: 30
From: Perth, Western Australia

Systems Currently Owned:
Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, 2 NES (neither work however, I could get them to work by meh), SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, GBA, GBA SP, 2 game Boy micros, DSi, 3DS Neo Geo Pocket Color, Wonderswan Color, Wonderswan Crystal, X-Box 360, PSPGo and a PC.

Currently Playing:
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Wii)
Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light (DS)
Sword of Hope 2 (3DS VC)

Upcoming games I'm looking forward to
Paper Mario Sticker Star(3DS)
Adventure Time (3DS)
Epic Mickey Power of Illusion (3DS)

Hey Hey, abit more about myself I guess, I've been playing games since as long as I can recall, my first love was my C64 and have many fond memories of it such as Jumpman, Archon, Aliens, Mario bros & some weird game involving Camels. After that int he early 90's I got my first real taste of Nintendo with the Game Boy and have been hooked ever since. I'm a loyal Nintendo fanboy through and through and while I may hate them sometimes I'll always return because damit because thats just how a fanboy is meant to be. I would consider myself more of a handheld gamer then anything. I enjoy consoles and all but I just find it easier to lay back and get out my DSi or one of my various Game Boys for some awesome Handheld gaming fun.

Top 5 games of all time.
5. Kirbys Canvas Curse (DS)
4. The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (GB)
3. The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (N64)
2. Tetrisphere (N64)
1. Secret of Mana (SNES)

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The Vookcast: An Australian Nintendo Podcast that I host for Vooks.net the oldest and best Australian Nintendo site on the net.

I love my Nintendo Handhelds.
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Hey DToid, I know its been awhile since I posted here and I really should finish off my SNES stuff one of these days but I really want to share something awesome that happened to me yesterday. Yesterday was my 30th Birthday and my Girlfriend decided she wanted to make something very special for me. She makes cards, just a little hobby or hers but she is very good at it. Her and her mum usually make them and donate them to be used by soldiers serving away from their families to use. She'd made an awesome one for my mums Birthday a few weeks back and I knew she was working on something for me but I never ever knew it was going to be as amazing as it turned out. I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sorry about the large pics btw, I'll try and get around to resizing later but if you view images on their own you get to see the full thing.

I was just floored at how amazing this is, its easily the greatest thing I've ever been given and I'm just over the moon with it all at the moment. The whole thing barring the Zelda figures is hand made and it just looks fantastic. Also happy I lucked up by landing a girlfriend how is as in love with the Zelda games as I am :)

*days may or may not be concurrent

So whatís the best game to get someone who never had a NES, missed out on the classic Mario games when they first came out and had just gotten a brand spanking new Super Nintendo and needed some games to play on it? That game is of course one of the best compilations of all time Super Mario Allstars

Even though I had never owned a NES I had played Super Mario Bros a few times and Super Mario Bros 3 once or twice, but alas never the number 2. I enjoyed what little I had played on them, but they werenít something that really caught my interest. I really started becoming interested with the games once I got my Game Boy and started buying NMS and became the Nintendo fanboy I am today. There was a huge review for Super Mario Allstars one issue, it was a huge deal, I wanted this game. Fast Forward to Christmas 1993 after much debate between a SNES and a Mega Drive (I wanted a SNES, he wanted a Mega Drive) we asked our parents for a SNES. Iím not sure if we knew before hand that we were getting it or not, but my god was that Christmas morning one of god damn win. We got the Super Mario Allstars SNES pack, honestly what better way to start your Super Nintendo Collection.

I guess the best way to go through these would be in order, so letís start with Super Mario Bros 1. Secret admission time, Iíve never finished Super Mario Bros, I get up to the last world and I just crash and burn. I donít know what it is about that world but I just canít get past it. So I guess as a result of that Iím not as fond of this game as a lot of other games are, I think that might also be in part due to the fact I didnít have a NES and I sort of missed the boat on it. I had played it before I got my SNES but never really fell in love with it. Having said that I do enjoy the remake for Allstars, it looks amazing, the soundtrack is great and I think it plays a little bit better. Plus I think its a little more forgiving part in thanks to being able to save between levels. All in all the Allstars version is my fav version of Super Mario Bros, one that I know I shall someday finish.

Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels, where the hell do I start with this, how about the fact that I god damn hate this vile piece of crap. I really donít get why people go so gaga over this game. I think a lot of it has to do with the Japan only factor, some people seem to treasure it as some secret lost game and hate on Super Mario Bros. 2 because we got that instead of this. I say thank god and I really wish Lost Levels had of stayed in Japan. To me it plays more like a badly made ROM hack of the original with stupid invisible blocks that you wonít know about till you bump you head on them, flying bloopers, poison mushrooms, gusts of winds and all this stupid crap that just makes it a mean and spiteful game. You can really tell it wasn't made by Shiggy, it just lacks a lot of the good game designs you can usually see in his games.

Super Mario Bros 2 to me was the lost chapter of Mario games, Iíd not played it before I got Allstars. I had read about it, but didnít really know a lot about it, barring that you could choose between 4 different characters, one of whom was my main man Toad (I was a fan of the Super Mario Bros cartoon and loved Toad). So because it was the one I knew the least about it was the first one to play and to be honest I really really enjoyed it. Itís always bemused me when I see people trash on this game for not being the real Super Mario Bros 2. This game is a hundred times better in every single way then Lost Levels. True it plays different to any other Mario game made since, however it is just soo much fun to play even to this day. Even though the game is heaps easier then the first it just feels like a much bigger and better game. Most levels have multiple ways you can get to the end, a boss fight at the end of each stage. Boss fights that are more then just running underneath Bowser, secret hidden worlds, the magic potions I can go on, its just such an amazing game. Plus in one scene you pull up a turnip and out comes a rocket ship, how freaken awesome is that.

So that brings us to the last title in the collection, Super Mario Bros 3. What more can be said about this game that hasnít already been stated. Itís to this day one the finest example of 2d platforming the NES ever produced. Everything about the game is amazing, who cannot forget about the first time you got the raccoon tail and flew, or the first time were in Giant World and saw a Giant Goomba coming towards you. If I had to sum up the game in one word, that word would be Epic. There were just soo many god damn stages and soo much variety in those stages from battles on flying ships to levels in the desert with the sun trying to kill, itís just such an amazing game and easily in the top 5 NES games ever games. Also the little Multiplayer add in for the original Mario bros in Super Mario Bros 3 was greatly appreciated, the SNES was a present to both my little brother and myself, the first thing we did after we got the SNES on that fateful Christmas day was bug our parents for another controller, just so we could play it against each other. We would of killed hours playing that against each other, I would kill for Nintendo to make a modern day version of that.

I loved Mario Allstars, it really was the perfect way to start my life as a Super Nintendo gamer. Its an amazing little collection and Nintendo really did an amazing job bringing the games into the 16bit era. They sound amazing, the look fantastic and they play just as fun as they always had. And as a true testament to just how perfect these versions are they are getting re-released as you all know on the Wii for Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary, if youíve never played them before go and hunt them down. I will say on that note as awesome as they are its alittle annoying Nintendo didn't do anything new to them, I mean what about all the extra stuff from the GBA remakes of 2 and 3 they could of brought in, oh well can't have everything I guess. See ya next time, I got a rocket ship to catch.

Last year I did a series of blogs celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Game Boy being released in Japan. In it I looked back on 20 games Iíd owned/played during the original run of a system that had defined who I am as a gamer. In no way would I consider that list to be the 20 best games ever to grace the system, but it was a look back on my history as a gamer. Well tomorrow (Japan time) as some of you may know is the 20th anniversary of the Super Famicon (just incase Chad is reading and he forgot, that stands for Family Computer :P) more well know to us as the Super Nintendo being unleashed on the world so in keeping with the spirit Iím gonna do it all again with 20 Super Nintendo games in 20 days.

Its going to be the same deal as last year 20 games I owned/played growing up, the ones that I have the most fond memories of. Iíll probably disappoint people right off the bat and just go ahead and say it, there will be no Final Fantasy IIIís or Chrono Triggers or Earthbounds or Super Metroids for the one reason that I never played them when I was growing up (for the aforementioned RPGís they never came out in Australia and as for Super Metroid I just honestly never had an interest in it to be hones which looking back on was a bad idea). So yeah in no way is this the 20 best games the system had, just the 20 that mean the most to me.

Same as last time I make no guarantee that these will be concurrent, would love to but realistically Iím not that quick of a writer, but weíll see what happens. Also want to take a quick break around Christmas for something else I want to do. So I hope youíll all be looking forward to joining me in my trip down memory lane and have a look at some of the best the greatest 16bit system ever (suck it Mega Drive fans) ever had to offer and Iíll see you all tomorrow.

Itís kind of hard to pin down why I become such a Squaesoft fanboy back in the day. True Secret of Mana still remains to this day as my all time favorite gaming experience, but apart from that the only other Square game I had played on the SNES was Final Fantasy Mystic Quest which letís face it is not a true Final Fantasy (didnít stop me enjoying the hell out of that game though, might add that to the Games I like that you donít club). So despite not playing a true Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger I had decided I loved Square. And then the Nintendo 64 happened, Square left Nintendo and I was heartbroken my new favorite Developer had left Nintendo for Sony, I was bitter and angry. I tried to make do with what the N64 and Game Boy had, but it wasnít the same, I needed something Square related to feed my Nintendo fanboy RPG loving soul. And that game came in 2003 with the handheld masterpiece Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Even though I was a hardcore Nintendo fanboy back in the day I had still played Square whenever I could, my brother had a Playstation so I played some of Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8 and I was very close to buying a Playstation at one stage. But I decided at the end of the day I would stay loyal to Nintendo, I didnít need Final Fantasies or Tomb Raiders or Metal Gears, I had my Banjo Kazooies, No Mercyís and Legend of Zeldaís. Looking back now I missed out on a lot, mainly the RPGs but I would still stick by the choice I made. And to be fair my dreams of having a Nintendo system with many great RPGs was just around the corner with the Game Boy Advance and with that came back Squaresoft albeit now known as Square-Enix. It had been near 7 years since a new Square game had hit a Nintendo system and if youíre going to come back you do it with style and thatís just Square did.

As much as Iím in love with the DS, itís an amazing system, I donít think it wowed me as much as the GBA did. When I first plugged in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 into the GBA, I was amazed at just how close to the console version it was. And you had stuff like Advance Wars, Golden Sun and so on, just light years ahead of what the GBC had been putting out. And then I played FFTA and I was freaken blown away. I honestly could not get my head around how they could have fitted something so big into such a teeny tiny cartridge. Finally Final Fantasy had come home to Nintendo and my beloved Square Enix and I could be together once more. It had everything I could want, an amazing soundtrack, some breath taking sprite work, a great storyline and some of the most in depth SRPG gameplay I had ever played.

One of the most amazing things about the game is the way it sets everything up. You play as Marche a young boy who just moved to the town of St Ivalice with his brother Doned, as with any new kid moving to a new school he has a hard time fitting in and the school bullies start picking on him, it is at this point we get introduced to the games battle system via a Snowball fight. I thought that was amazing way to introduce to the basic concepts of the game with how important positioning is and trying to attack via the flanks and rear. After that we then get a scene where Mache, Doned and his 2 new friends Mewt and Ritz are looking over a new book Mewt found called The Gran Grimoire and they all decide it would be great if the world in the book was real. As they all fall asleep the Town of St Ivalice transforms into the world of Ivalice, a land full of Moogles, Magic & Mystery. Marche awakes to find his friends and his brother missing, scattered across the land. He soon bumps into the Moogle Montblanc whose clan you join and thus your mission to find your friends and restore the world begins.

When you start the game itís just yourself and Montblanc in your party but as you go on new characters will join your party. New characters will join at random and come from one of 5 races, each of the 5 main races have access to different jobs. Firstly you have Humans, they are the most versatile of the races and have access to a lot of good variety of Jobs ranging from melee to magic to missile. Nu Mouís are magic users with access to some great jobs like Sageís and Morphers. Bangaa are your combat guys having access to classes like Dragoon, Defender and so on. Vieraís are your race to go to if you need something with speed, they are kind of like Humans in that they have access to a wide variety of jobs both Combat and Magic and their Snipers are amazing. And of course lastly it wouldnít be a Final Fantasy game without them are Moogles who Iím still not really sure where they fit in, they are able to use I guess the odd job classes like Jugglers, Gunners and so on.

Iíve always had a great fondness for the Final Fantasy Job System, I enjoyed FFIII and I adore FFV so itís no surprise that I love the job system in FFTA, it just allows for so much customization in the game. You can train a Human up as a White Mage, learn all you want to and then switch him to a Ninja having a great all round fighter who can heal if you need. Or you could train a Nu Mou up in Black Magic and then make him into a White Mage before you train him in Time Magic, there is just so much you can do with your characters. As they learn new skills in each Job they will be able to unlock other more powerful Jobs such as Summoners, Ninjas, Mog Knights and so on. Each class has access to certain weapons/items/armor, itís from these that you learn your skills. So learn the basic Fire/Thunder/Blizzard spells a Black Mage needs to equip a certain magic staff or for a Ranger to learn the Block Arrows skill they need to equip a certain item of headgear. More powerful skills take longer to learn but once youíve learnt them you know them forever even when you unequip an item. If you change class you can take some of the skills along with you so say with the above example with a Nu Mou who changes to a Time Mage he can take still use all his White Mage skills while learning Time Magic. Its soo god damn in depth and so much you do with it, you can have a character who can be you main melee fighter but also have healing spells as a back up or you can make an unstoppable magic dealing death machine. As I said I love to death the Job system, itís one of my fav things from the classic FF games and this is by far my fav implementation of it, you can spend hundreds of hours playing this game and still find new awesome combinations of classes to do. And the whole ability to change skills is vital to the next new twist in the game, the Law System.

I see the Law system get a lot of hate and to be fair I can see why, the whole idea of it is to put restrictions on what you can and cannot do in a battle. However I find it makes things even more challenging, and changes the way you have to think from battle to battle plus it forces you to change the way your party works on the fly. For a good part of the game I was swaying heavily towards lots of Rangers and Hunters, I loved using the Aim: Arm skill which would disable your opponent so they could not fight back, was a great way for picking guys off. However I came up to a mission and one of the Laws at the time was no Missiles so I had to change my team around, use some of my more magic heavy guys to plus a few melee fighters. You get laws ranging from the above no missile weapons to things like a ban on all magic, using the Fight command, using items, using target area attacks and so on. Breaking a law in a mission will result in you getting issued a warning from the Judge who is present at each battle, youíll either be Yellow Carded in which case youíll suffer stat penalties or red carded in that the character who committed the breach will have to spend some time in Jail for a few missions. You can get Law cards which allow you to overrule or change the laws for a battle, I tend not to use these as much, mainly because I forget they are there. So yes while the Law system does stop what you can and canít do I find it more makes they battles more unique and different, changing the way you play the game on the fly.

Man this is getting long but there is just soo much I love about this game, I could go on for ageís hell I havenít even gotten really in depth on the actual gameplay, or the mission structure or the map gah. I love the amazing 2d sprites they just look soo good on the screen. I love the soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto and the main theme done by Nobuo Uematsu is fantastic. I love the way in battles that you can check the outcomes of each move and attack before you commit to doing them. The storyline is light hearted while still being amazing and making me want to play more of it just to find out what happens next.. I feel like I havenít even scratched the surface talking about how great this game is. Even to this day I still canít get over how god damn big this is, sure Iíd played Advance Wars and Golden Sun on the GBA prior to this and they are huge games, but FFTA is just I mean damn its massive. I was stunned that they were able to squeeze that much win into such a small GBA cart. This truly was worth the wait for Square and Nintendo to stop their petty fight and bring us Die Hard Nintendo loyalists some more love. Itís a great game, I donít feel Iíve given the game the love it deserves with this but this will have to do for now. All I can really say from here is if youíve not ventured into the land of Ivalice with Marche and his friends in tow I suggest you do, you wonít be disappointed. Hopefully wonít be too long before next addition to the Handheld Hotel, I think a somewhat simpler game may be required, thinking along the lines of a port of one of my fav arcade games to the small screen might be a good idea.

During the SNES era like many of you out there I discovered just how awesome RPGs, after playing Secret of Mana and Illusion of Time (Gaia for you lot in the USA), I decided I liked RPGs and I need more of them and then along came the N64. As Iím sure Iíve said before Iím a hardcore Nintendo fanboy, up until this year Iíd owned nothing but Nintendo consoles. So I was gutted when Square Jumped ship to Sony, I can understand why they did it, but it really did not help me then when I watched from afar as people played their Wild Arms and Final Fantasy 7ís. So when I heard that there was a game of the RPG variety coming to the N64 I was excited and that game was Holy Magic Century.

So yeah the N64 unlike the Super Nintendo is not really a system known for its RPGs, itís better known for its early Console FPSís, Platformers and awesome Wrestling games. I think I could count all the RPGs that appeared on the system on one hand. When I first saw Holy Magic Century I was soo happy, finally I would have a game that would satisfy my RPG needs. I would be able to laugh at those fools playing their Wild Arms and FFVIIís and laugh, now the N64 would be a complete console. Shame it didnít really work out like that. First things first when talking about Holy Magic Century, itís not a great game, itís a very average game at the end of the day. The storyline was ummm, I honestly canít remember, so yeah not that great. Iím sure it was the usual lone warrior takes off to fight big evil thing and bring peace to the world. You play a young boy name Ayron (or if you lived in the US he had the awesome name of Brian) who can wield the forces of nature and is on a quest to save his father (yay for Wiki).

So yeah the storyline is barely there at all, think something more or less on the same level as the first Dragon Quest game and thatís kinda what you get. For any post 16bit era console RPGs the storyline is usually the driving factor of the game, so with that in mind how does one enjoy a RPG where the Storyline is really nothing to write home about. Well it helps if you have a really fun battle system. Itís kinda odd to explain so Iíll do my best. Battles are random, when you encounter an enemy youíll be in the same spot you were before but now you will be surrounded by 2 octagons, the larger one will have both yourself and whatever monsters youíve encountered. Then around you is a smaller one, you are free to move around in the smaller one until the end of you turn, this allows you to get into a better position to cast spells or move up close to be able to hit an enemy with your staff. You take your turn either cast a spell , attack with said staff use an item or try and escape. Come the enemies turn to attack you still have that little octagon around you and you have the option to try and dodge out of the way of one of their attacks. It was great in that you could get yourself in a position where the enemies could not hit you providing they had no long range missile attacks.

Pretty much all the magic in the game is area based, so if you can move out of the way youíll be able to dodge the attack and suffer no damage. Also when you are casting your spells you can try and get yourself in a position to hit multiple enemies at once. Magic works off 4 elements which are shock horror Earth, Fire, Wind & Water (but no Heart sorry Ma-Ti). When you start you get 4 very basic spells, for Earth you get a large stone appear above whatever youíre targeting and comes crashing down on them. Fire gives you the always popular fireball attack, wind grants you the ability to shoot out a crescent moon shaped wind attack that also homes in on things and water gives you a Water Pillar. As you progress through the game you can level up your magic, either evenly distribute points into all the elements or just target one or 2. As you level up your magics you get access to bigger and better spells.

I tried to play the game by evenly levelling up all my magic, the main problem I seem to have encountered was that in the later stages on the game my magic was so god damn under powered it was better for me to just walk up to an enemy and whack them on the head with my staff. So I ended up in a situation where I was doing hardly any damage and it would just drag battles on and on and on and on and on. The whole pace of the game was rather slow truth be told, the battles took awhile and being random there was no way to avoid them. The storyline was no real motivation to move forward, and a lot of the game was just spent walking from one area to the next battling monsters here and there, it was just one massive grind. As I said the combat was fun and the game looked and sounded nice, I remember being really happy that I had finally finished it, I honestly canít remember anything of the ending, there was some dude, I killed him everyone was happy.

Itís sad that Holy Magic Century did not live up to its potential. I mean itís not a bad game by any means. Itís an Average game and itís a shame they could not have fleshed out the story and made the whole experience a lot more engrossing. The game has a nice little battle system, it looks good, sounds good and plays well. But the world just feels empty and sterile. All it needed to lift it from an Average game to a good game was a reason to play the game. Holy Magic Century harkens back to the early days of console RPGs, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, if you go into the game expecting a story on those lines youíll be fine. I played through this game and I enjoyed it, I donít know if it was that I was that desperate for an RPG on the N64. I guess Holy Magic is lucky that the N64 was soo starved of RPGs, had we had Final Fantasy or the like I would not have looked at it at all. Iím sure many people looked over this and I donít blame them, itís not a life changing game and there are certainly better games on the N64, but as I said I liked it and who knows you may too.

Also credit to Gamefaqs.com for these awesome screenshots, heaps better then the crap IGN had up. Also fingures crossed new Handheld hotel sooner or later.

The Super Game Boy came out in 1994 and finally the world of Game Boy was opened up from its black and white monochrome prison, into a world of colour, well kinda. With the Super Game Boy, you were still limited to only 4 different colours on screen at once, still it was better then nothing. So why am I talking about the Super Game Boy when I should be talking about what is the most amazing Game Boy platformer ever made? Well the 2 seem to stick in my mind together. I think thatís because when the Super Game Boy came out, this game was pushed as a killer app for it. At least thatís how I recall it being in issues of NMS. Another thing I recall about this game is that I had no interest in it at all. When I looked at the pictures of it, I scoffed at it for being nothing more then just a portable version of the original arcade Donkey Kong. So I never got the game I had more important things to play like Secret of Mana, Illusion of Time, Ghostbusters 2 and so on. I had no time for some boring old remake of an old game. Man I so want to go back and hit the 12 year old me on the back of the head, I was a stupid kid sometimes.

I could review this game in 8 words. This Game is amazing, go buy it now. And that would be that, there isnít honestly anything else I need to say, its as simple as that. Its an amazing game and everyone needs to play this just to understand why it is. I donít know why it took me 15 years to finally get around to playing. Maybe it has part to do with the fact that Donkey Kong is not one of my fav Nintendo characters. I was never too big on the Donkey Kong Country games, and I dunno barring the Game & Watch games I had never played a lot of games with the Big Ape. This game got a pretty big spread in NMS when it came out, its not like I didnít know this game was good, I just didnít think it was for me (again I was a stupid kid). Fast Forward a few years and I was looking online for information regarding a PC game I had played once called VGA Trek. It was an awesome little Star Trek Sim I had played when I got a PC and I enjoyed it, was trying to find any info on it. I found a Youtube review of it by a guy called Frankomatic, I liked his style so I subscribed to him. And thought nothing of it. A few months later he started doing a Long Play series for Donkey Kong, I watched one and was hooked from there, I had to get the game.

I picked the game up a few months back when the Game Boyís 20th birthday was upon us. From the first moment I put this in my Game Boy I was not able to take it out or put it down. I was transfixed by this little gem of a game. So enough about me and unto the game. The game itself takes the core elements of what made the original Donkey Kong an amazing game and builds upon it. In the original you had only 4 levels to move Mario around in, this time you have over 101 levels spread over 9 different worlds. Each world has its own themes ranging from in the City, on a Mountain, Ice level to even a level set on the outside of a Jumbo Jet (which is amazing). Each new set of stages brings in a new element into the game to make things fresh. The Ice stages as you would assume make things all slippery. The stages on the Jet are awesome in that now you have to deal with wind which moves you around and really makes you think hard about your jumps (think about Tornado Mans stage in Mega Man 9).

Each area is broken up into a block of 4 levels at the end of the 4th level you have a quick showdown with DK which will usually see you just trying to reach the top of the screen with Pauline almost in your reach only to have DK grab her and go off to the next level. After every 4 stages youíll be greeted with a nice little animation that will be introducing a new gameplay element, such as the above mentioned windy stages or a new enemy who will try and impede your progress across the stage such as Donkey Kong Jnr or that you can do a handstand to do a really high jump and so on. As the game goes on it will keep mixing up the various elements making it so each stage feels fresh and new. At the end of every area you have a battle against DK which involves you using the Barrels he hurls at you as a weapon to be thrown back to him after youíve hit him the required 3 times off he goes with Pauline and the chase continues.

The goal to pass each stage is to grab a key located somewhere in the stage and then carry the key to a door on screen that will give you access to the next stage. Once you pick up the key its yours to carry around and you can throw it as a weapon should any of DKís minions try and stop you. However when you let go of the key you will only have a few seconds to go and pick it up again before it vanishes back to where it came from. This brings about some very interesting puzzles such as ones that require you to throw the key onto a conveyor belt where it will go under some spikes that will kill you if you touch it, so you have to hurry from one side of the screen to the other and grab the key on the other side of the screen before it vanishes. The level design in the game† is without a doubt the best I have seen in any 2d platformer, every level is well thought out and feels unique while not feeling repetitive at all. But its not just all good level design thats makes a good platformer, oh no the controls are incredibly tight and just what you expect from something from the house of Mario. Mario feels like a cross between the way he played in Super Mario Bros 2 and Donkey Kong. Not too stiff but just fluid enough. The game looks amazing on the original Game Boy, but honestly if you want the best effect you need to play it on one of the later Game Boy systems or even the Super Game Boy. Its one of those original Game Boy games that if you plugged into a Super Game Boy it would get colourized, to a degree anyway. Man if only this had gotten a GBC remake, all the more colours to flesh out the game, wow. This is Shigeru Miyamoto at his god damn finest. Donkey Kong on the Game Boy is 2d platforming puzzle solving action at its finest, there is simply put no better game in the genre then this.

Part of me is annoyed I overlooked this when it came out, its an amazing little game. Looking back now I think I would of not picked this up due to maybe paying more attention to Donkey Kong Country and at the time this looked like a step back. But this game holds up a lot more now over its Super Nintendo counter part. Sometimes its good to miss out on the great games when they come out. Had I played this when it came out I donít think I would have had the joy of discovering it now. And to be honest I donít think at the age of 12 I would have been ready to play this game, I was not the more calmer gamer I am now days. I needed action and adventure and excitement, I need games like Street Fighter, Zelda, Wolfenstien and so on. But Iím older now and my tastes have matured and I can truly enjoy this game for what it, one of the greatest handheld games ever made. If youíve not played this game before, check it out, you can pick up a copy rather cheaply on ebay, you will be in for a truly amazing experience. I dunno what Iím gonna do for the next game, maybe something RPG related, oh well see ya next time.