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So I have been playing this new game (well new to America), called Vindictus. Its a nexon MMO, but its geared towards the western front. Its built on the Half Life 2 engine so it looks as good as it plays.

Basically its a game where you are in town, pick up missions, then go on these "boats" that take you to dungeons. You can redo dungeons on harder difficulty, or just to do bonus quests you did not do your first time through. There is armor crafting and a marketplace to buy/sell. A neat little story and lots of hack n slashing.

Diablo fix are you in need of? Well this is for you. As of the moment its BETA to us Americans, so there is only two classes with a third being released soon. The classes in this game are heroes, so no creating races, sex, can only alter look slightly. there is no tanking/healing, its just like Diablo everyone can deal damage and fend for themselves to some degree. It has a neat intro to the story, and if you like to read you can read all the story or just click through to get the mission and hack away.

If you are looking for some fun and a fix till Diablo 3, then this is a fun game you should check out.

P.S.If you need a code hit me i have one available, then you get two for signing up so I would just request one back to continue giving them out to everyone.
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I am talking about Contests!!! That is right people! To everyone who reads, my blog and Dtoid are all invited to participate in contests i will be hosting this week. Prizes are Nintendo Ds Games. Castlevania order of Ecclesia, the all new game from SNK Metal Slug 7, and grand prize Final Fantasy 4!

So post here some ideas for contest. I will pick one for one of the prizes, the other two are already decided. So check back Monday for official details.

If you know me, you know I love movies. I go to the movies every week to watch at least one movie in the theater. This movie that I am looking forward to is a sleeper. Mickey Rourke. I love this guy. You have to too. If you do not there must be something wrong in your head. Anways here is a trailer for his new movie The Wrestler.


Well to help not play WoW, cause even though I kinda play it again I have only logged on twice for good amount of time. So I went and bought a Nintendo DS....again! Take that WoW! This is my 6th one. I have owned multiple but at some point when games, where not around that I wanted to play I would sell it for money. No more though. I am gonna keep this one and actually play it more. I just bought the newer Blue and Black one. Lucky me last one they had at Best Buy. I also picked up a few of the games I wanted. Metal Slug 7 which is really fun. Alot like Mega Man 9 how it is old school looking but completely new game. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. cause I love Castlevania. And last but not least the game I am diving into to play first is Final Fantasty 4. I will post more depth about the games I picked up after I play them A bit more.

3:06 PM on 12.16.2008

So why is it all of the sudden a few weeks after getting rid of my WoW accounts I have a sudden urge, small, but still an urge to play again. What is so great this time around that I have to play?
I still have trouble seeing how this game is so addictive, and I am not saying that like I hate it. Cause if anyone knows me they know I loved that game for the last 3 1/2 years, give or take. So what makes it great enough that I cannot just drop it like any other game in the world?

I play other games all the time now even if I am not quite in the mood just to be playing something other than WoW. I know it sounds like if you took WoW and added Meth or something that would make alot more sense. Drugs have things in them that make you come back. What does WoW have because I played Wrath for a bit, and was not compelety satisfied. But as a videogame lover, I think games like WoW hold some certain feature that like of lets say Rockstar, that keeps you pumped and energetic to play. It is possible the fact it is an MMO, and playing with friends you know in real life, and in game taht you meet is really fun sometimes. Hell all the time. Who likes to play by themselves all the time? Not me. I of course do not mind playing solo games here and there, but all the time, with no interaction with real poeple I could not do.

Maybe it is not a bad thing to play it, just probably healthier to play alot less than what I use to. Still not saying I am playing, but if I did you would not really know cause I would be consumed but it.

Yeah I gave in, so what. Big deal. Whooptie do. Wanna fight about? I did not think so.

I guess I can never truly get away from WoW. I also think it is in large part to well all my friends do, so what am I gonna play? There was some Guild Wars which I still kinda play, that game is great. In between leveling I still play alot of Team Fortress 2. I love that game. From that bit of information I hope you can tell even though I am playing again for once I can moderate my own fun. By not being tied to one game and not wanting to do anything else. All in all I suppose it is good to be back to the norm per se without having urges to do things you do nt want. Instead give in to them, just moderate them. That is the key to......fun.

Cool Story.

So I recently bought myself a MSI Wind u100. It is a netbook. Most people are aware now that they are great for the net, some entertainment, email, and such simple stuff. But fewer know it can be a full laptop replacement. I use it to game and everything in between. Gaming is a post for another day, so here is more on wh I got this and what I got.

I went and bought the cheapest model so I could upgrade it myself for the price of the best but making it even better than the highest costing one. This is the main reason most people love the Wind over all other netbooks, it is fully customizable.

By doing so I got this for specs:

-Overclocked to 2.0ghz Intel Atom (comes underclocked at 1.4)
-2gigs of ram (comes with 1gig ram)
-320gig 7200rpm HDD (comes with 120gig 5400rpm)
-Intel Wifi N card (comes with b/g)
-9cell battery (comes with 3cell)

all those upgrades you must be thinking I spent more than $500. But I did not. In fact the spent just that. which is $70 more than the highest priced model on Mwave. So I got twice the computer for a fraction of the cost in upgrades. And now have spare parts lying around like I usually do when I am messing with computers.

So after is all said and done I got one hella of a deal on something that I can do everything on.