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I used to be here, then I left, and now I came back. Father, gamer, techie, musician. I'm interested in the social mediation games employ, and I'm excited about the way games and gamers can progress as a culture. Equal parts old school, new wave, pc and console, I play what's good.

But not that stupid jrpg bullshit, except for Super Mario RPG. Cause, fuck yeah, Mario RPG.

12:04 PM on 03.08.2010

So it looks like Steam is actually confirmed for Mac, not just Valve publishing their titles (which was exciting enough). I know it's not popular to be a gamer using a Mac, but I'm a gamer AND Mac user, so this is pretty exciting. The fact that any dual platform games won't need to be repurchased is even more incentive. For me, it's further proof that Valve and Steam actually care about the consumer market their trying to reach - or at least see a potential business growth opportunity.

Either Way, I'm pretty stoked for it. This definitely gives developers with concerns about overhead (ie making retail copies for sale) not developing for Mac a fairly easy way to distribute. Most any Mac user/gamer would be supremely excited for this, and considering I've already stopped retail purchasing for my PC games, this is right up my alley. With Valve, Blizzard and chunks of EA on board, we may start seeing more developers opening up that line to the Mac.

I haven't been apart of the Dtoid community since they had the blogs hacked and everyone had to reregister, but I feel like enough time has passed so I want to be a part of it again.
So, sup?

I'm the father of two young girls, who I can't wait to be gamers as they get older. I work for a major computer company. I wrote my senior thesis in Communication Studies on the creation of self-identity within online role-playing games.
I used to be console exclusive, but thanks to good friends I have a PC I use to game, also. I play what is good. I trend towards multiplayer shooters, because I'm ah-murr-eh-can and like to blow shit up. Hit me up on Steam for some L4D2, TF2, CoD: MW2, etc. I'm jamming through Bioshock 2 on 360, and have been known to play some serious roleplaying games.
Short and sweet.