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filijonken avatar 2:35 AM on 11.27.2009  (server time)
What's your morning game?

Most people wake up thinking about the things they have to do at work/school making the early hours of the day an agonizing pain. I was once in your shoes.... But all that has changed, Now every morning feels like one of those crazy cereal commercials. My secret? Video games of course!

Waking up just as tired as i was when i went to sleep i reach for my wireless video game controller and turn my video game console of choice on. Then it's time to choose a game (this is very important!) I usually choose a downlodable game becouse it requires no disc swapping (thank god!). But my morning game needs to be bright and colorful! That means no GoW or Killzone for me in the morning.... My morning game of choice right now is Critter Crunch. Critter Crunch is for me the perfect morning game ahhhh the soothing music with the bright colors and not to mention the simple yet addicting gameplay!

And after playing for a few minutes going to work does not seem that bad anymore.

Do you have a "Morning game"? Or is this just one of my crazy rituals?
If you do please feel free to post a comment about your "Morning game" :D.

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