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5:11 AM on 04.09.2008

STFU Documentary

I made a 36 minute documentary about a bunch of freaks that got together to play each other
their silly computer music. From KidQuaalude, who loves to perform with two classic
Gameboys (you can crossfade and the old ones have more bass) to advanced Max/Msp and
Ableton Live wizardry the film covers a big cross section of netlabel and netaudio music. The
film was made in 2006 and by now we regularily have more than 300 visitors at these STFU
festivals that are taking place across Europe. If you're interested in electronic music at all,
check it out (cut up into 5 chapters):


More info at the (admittedly crappy) STFU website:   read

8:21 AM on 03.31.2008

My Gaming Space.. also my workspace. I stitched the image together from three shots. here's a direct link to the JPG in case you can't see it all in the attached image (posting the pic within the post breaks the site layout):

Not a whole lot of gaming-related goodies here, but it's comfy and ergonomic both as workplace for music production _and_ leisurly gaming afterwards. There's a couple of sofas, beansacks and a row of windows behind the perspective from which the pic was taken. Also note the oldschool coal-oven at the back-wall.   read

5:38 AM on 01.18.2008

Burnout Paradise anticipation

The reviews are starting to trickle in and I'm really looking forward to getting my grubby
hands on Burnout Paradise next week. I've been devouring the demo and love the open
concept and most of all, the multiplayer. Having a few people on the couch and making faces
whenever someone crashes your car goes a long way in establishing a connection with "those
other cars", maybe even moreso than voicechat. I hope EA will up the multiplayer to 16
eventually, I can imagine that it might get pretty lonely in the big city with just 8 cars around.

Reviews so far range from good to great with the biggest gripe apparently the omission of a
"restart race" feature - I was hoping for that option to be included in the full game, but I can
do without it. The other big issue the reviewers mention is the fact that you have to plot your
own way, having to pause whenever you check out the map - I'll have to see how that plays
out. A route planning tool that allows you to plot the race and then follow waypoints that you
have set yourself would have been neat.

Anyways, look out for me making stupid faces on the PSN starting next week :)   read

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