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Hi everyone! The name is Houa for anyone wanting to know. I'm an 19 year old gamer whos been gaming since the moment I could start remembering stuff from my childhood. How I got into gaming is fairly simple. I have an older brother who "use" to game a lot and since he is my older brother I got into gaming and I'm glad that I got introduced to the awesome world of gaming. Thats probably the only thing I'm thankful of my older brother for introducing me to video games. My most favorite game series would have to be Final Fantasy as you can tell by my username. Though the Final Fantasy series isn't what it use to be it is still my favorite series. The very first Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy 7 like many people around my age. Soon after playing Final Fantasy 7 it immediately became my favorite series and it introduced me to the RPG genre which I have never played before. I've played every main series Final Fantasy game except for 11 because that is an online MMORPG and I tend not to play MMORPGs. As of right now I am playing Dragon Age: Origins(PS3) and 3D Dot Game Hero(PS3). I am currently close to Platinuming Dragon Age: Origin only missing the Archmage trophy and the Blight-Queller trophy. 3D Dot Game Hero I just recently purchased and for the first 2 hours of owning the game I spent it making my own character which was a blast and a pain because I accidentally didn't save it the first time. I also play Super Street Fighter IV(PS3) once in a while whenver I have company over or just want to get some online matches in. Feel free to add me if you want just be sure to say your from Destructoid. Currently I have 14 Platinum Trophies. Of the 14 there are only 2 Platinum trophies that I am ashamed of those being Damnation and Terminator Salvation. Some people see me as a trophy whore but I don't consider myself one. As I stated before only 2 of my Platinums are in my opinion stupid and a waste of time to obtain. At least I have sunk to the point where I have gone and rented the Hannah Montana game just for an easy Platinum. Other then that I haven't even gotten close to being considered a trophy whore. Most of my Platinum are from games most people are willing to play for fun and enjoyment e.g. Bioshock, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Heavy Rain. If you have read this far then you may have noticed that I primarily game on the PS3. I own a 360 but no longer have a Gold subscription. Most of my friends except for one friend own a PS3. The only time I ever get on my 360 is to watch movies or play an exclusive game coming out on the 360. You could add me on the 360 too but just don't expect me to get on very often. Maybe when Halo Reach comes out I might get on more but thats a maybe. Well thats enough for now..........

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