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fetusmilk avatar 12:12 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 things you didnt know about me

1. when i was young i used to get mad playing Coleco games that i would bite the controllers and leave teeth marks in them.

2.i used to play street fighter 2 on SNES when it first came out. trying to beat it on the highest difficulty. and I would get stuck on M. Bison, being the cheap ass computer ,he kept kicking my ass. I got so mad that i threw the controller so hard it stuck into the drywall with the d-pad end sticking out. BUT the controller didnt break. i pulled it out of the wall and kept playing.

3. back around the  PS1 times. i was trying to beat Rakugaki Showtime (best game ever) with different characters to unlock more guys. it had an adjustable difficulty depending on how good you do in the last match. so after kicking some ass the next match you are out numbered by the hardest characters. so of course this gets hard, as the anger swells i start to bend and twist the ps1 controller until it snaps in half.

4. i love the Kids In The Hall. i grew up watching them as a kid/teenager and it was so strange and amazing.I have seen them live 3 times. i own the dvd collection and watch a different dvd every night when im going to bed.

5. Back when Funcoland was still around and they sold NES carts. i used to go in every week and take one of those game list newspapers they had and check off games i wanted and give it to the cashier. after a while he would get sick of looking for them he just let me behind the counter and let me pick the games i wanted. it was so hard so see what a game was just by the top logo. you had to look at the front. so i would go in and buy like 5 games, then it was 10, then 20. and this is when i was making like 100-200$ a week as a stock boy in a grocery store. and most of the game were like 50 cents to 5 dollars.
I had 200 NES carts.

6.i have akumas symbol tattooed on my back.(just not as big)

7. I was a big pen and paper role playing nerd. every day when i was younger. Darksun, Shadowrun, Forgotten Realms, AD&D, Spelljammer, Vampire the masquerade and Wearwolf. Ravenloft. just about anything. it was so much fun. kinda miss it but its just not the same when you get older. i still have old books. like first series hand books, and monsters compendiums.

8. i used to make custom cases to transport my video game systems and games. mainly my NES and 100 games. i would cut out foam blocks to hold things in place. spots for controllers and plugs etc. best one i did was with a metal case about 3-4 feet long. weighed about 50-60lbs with the system and full of games.

9.i used to do work as a Thermographer. where i used an infrared camera to scan customer electrical systems for overloads and heat anomalies. i have been in paper processing plants , hospitals, local phone company switching board buildings, water treatment plants and underground tunnels,  razor blade manufacturing plants, golf ball plants. and many more different companies. i would travel in my car about 700-1000 miles a week. sleeping in different hotels in a different state every night.  the job was a lot of fun got to see a lot of amazing things. i love to drive, i love being in my car.

10. video games have always been a part of my life from when i was a baby my grand mother had an odyssey, my parts had atari and coleco. got a NES when it came out,also the SNES , Turbo grafx 16 and ps1/ps2 when they came out. now with the 360 and ps3.

no matter what life throws at me, i know video games will always be there for me.
video games will never leave me for another man.
video games will never fire me from my job,
video games will never give me AIDS.

i love you video games, dont ever change.

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