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i hate because i care.
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ok so i just started getting into editing the files for puzzle quest : galactrix. and i was thinking of something to make it look different while playing the game as normal. so i changed the different color tiles into the dtoid logo. i also changed my players in game battle picture as you can see. i took a couple of screen grabs as i was playing to prove it wasnt a simple photoshop.

or if you have this game and want these files let me know i can get them to you some how. now if you want to do this stuff yourself its very easy. all you need to do is up zip the assets.zip file and find the things you want to change. you can change what items, ships, tiles, backgrounds. anything.

just use a graphic editor , i used The GIMP http://www.gimp.org to edit the PNG files in the different asset folders.and then make sure you rezip the file back up. but make sure you only zip the 2 folders assets and English into a file called assets.zip

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so i just used the sticker creator for skate 2 , its kinda like forza and the other sticker type graphic creators

i know this post is small but where else could i tell people who are gonna be playing skate where they can get one of these for in the game.

so yeah i decided to make a dtoid sticker. its a little basic, but i know someone out there will make a better one. i hope

here is the link to the sticker page to put it into your game. think you might need one of the EA accounts linked to your psn account.