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fbh avatar 8:17 PM on 11.11.2013  (server time)
What's Next For God of War

SPOILER ALERT: Some of the content posted above includes GOD OF WAR 3 spoilers.

This Thursday Sony will be hosting a big Ps4 launch event hosted by Geoff Keighley who has already confirmed that we should expect new content to be announced including a new Ps4 game.

This has obviously given place to a lot of rumors and speculations over the last few days and with Naughty Dog announing their last couple of games in the VGA's most people are looking at Sony Santa Monica as a likely candidate to announce a new game.

Now asuming that ends up being true I guess the question would be "Will they announce a new IP or a new God of war?"
I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who would love to see a new Ip from Santa Monica after 2 console generations of God of War. But lets be honest here... even though it's not as popular as it used to be it's still one of the best know sony franchises and it still has a lot of fans out there.

That being said, GOW is in desperate need of a new direction because as Ascension sales showed, "more of the same" is just not going to be enough specially in this Ip because:

1) The Story is already over:
Gow was, as a triology, a story about Kratos wanting revenge against the gods of Olympus and in GOW3, by killing Zeus, he acomplished it.
Santa Monica was clever enough to put just enough "what if" elements so they can continue the story if they want, but for me this story already feels finished and I don't really see many interesting ways they could take it without it feeling forced or simply unnecessary

2) The gods and the Titans are dead:
In a game based around greek mythology you just can't set the bar higher than the main gods (Zeus, Hares, Poseidon, Ares, etc) and the Titans. I'm sure there are more powerfull beings, but the main dish has been served and nothing they throw at us will feel quite the same.

So if they truly want to continue with this franchise my advice/idea would be:

-Keep the basic elements of the franchise:

Keep the gore and violence, keep the "epic scale" of stuff, keep the focus on mythology and keep the Hack and slash style in gameplay. But change the rest

-Change the setting:

Give us a whole new setting involving a new Hero/Anti-Hero and, most importantly, change the mythology. There are other places this franchise could go that could give us a new story, new context, new setting and a whole set of new mythological creatures to kill.

Egyptian mythology for example could be very interesting and with the likes of Anubis, Ra, Sobek, Osiris, etc there are more than enough "badass" gods to keep things fun.

Nordic Mythology has become quite popular over the past few years and with guys like Thor and Odin plus giant wolfs, snakes and ice giants and a whole mythological war going on there is plenty of content to take from here. It would also be nice to get a fresh take on these characters besides their popular Marvel incarnations.

Mayan mythology could also be a lot of fun because it would present a drastically different setting than current games and they also had a ton of gods and creatures which could be used.

-Same genre, different gameplay

Hack and slash is, after all, just a genre and with many different takes on it like Bayonetta, Devil may cry,  Dynasty Warriors, Metal Gear Rising, etc it would be nice to see the franchise get an evolved gameplay that feels fresh.
 It wouldn't be enough to just reskin kratos and his enemies and have the same game with a different look. To make a truly great game they would need to make several changes to the gameplay which would allow them to make it feel fresh and unique again. Change the combos and the weapon types, give a more active role to magic attacks or a higher focus on evading or countering attacks. Introduce new game mechanics built around the new mythology and based on research about how these gods obtained their power or what kind of rituals they had, etc

-Keep the name

Much like Infamous Second Son keep the name but present it as a new game rather than a sequel to the previous one. It would be a good marketing tool and would probably end up helping with sales (given how so many people go crazy over sequels but not new Ip's).
Expand the god of war brand and transform it into a hack and slash franchise based on mythology rather than just the story of Kratos and greek lore.

So yeah, that's just some ideas that come to mind but I'd love to hear what other people think about the franchise and what Sony Santa Monica could do with it to get it back to its glory days (in case they decide to go with a new GOW rather than a new IP)

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