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Favve avatar 10:57 AM on 11.19.2012  (server time)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Potential

Go ask any Gamer about his or her first video game. Most likely they will unleash a torrent of nostalgia, a story about "The Good Ol' Days", or talk of adventure rapped around more or less a fantastical experience they had with what ever game they may have played. Everyone loves to talk about their past times in Hyrule, or their adventures throughout the mysterious Halo world, or maybe even collecting ALL THE THINGS so that you can discover ancient Precursor artifacts! Whatever your's may be, it means a lot to not only yourselves but to game developers.

Dev's use a lot of our past experiences to create our modern games. Sometimes they "accidentally" hold on to the negative experiences and ideas of past (in which case those titles quickly die out). But with all of our feedback as a gaming community, they can take an empty canvas and turn it into The Next Best Thing!

Feeling means the world to the person behind the controller. No matter if you're Team Sony, Team Nintendo, or Team Microsoft (or PC Peeps :P) we all have an entertainment needs. These games we play provide emotions and challenges, happiness and sorrow, failure and victory! That is what makes a good game. Emotion.

So let me add a bit of direction this blog before I go off on a rant about things no one cares about!

The Elder Scrolls: Online.

It has been announced as well as covered, reviewed and all that blissful stuff that comes with a new MMO. The reason behind this article is to publicly state that this game needs to FEEL like and Elder Scrolls game to be successful; give the same emotional adventure I started in Oblivion. Or like many other MMO's that have failed time and time again, no matter the deals and price cuts, it will die out. No one likes to see a game title like this lose in the race for our hearts (and money, if you're a realist). Regardless of who is making the game, in this case Zenimax Studios, you have to stick to what the community knows and feels while playing an Elder Scrolls game.

Many know the saying, "With great power, comes great responsibility". With that being said, Zenimax has the power to create an entirely new MMO titan. If successful this will break the chains of many-a-gamer still bound to those games that were thought to never die. On the flip side, they will be held responsible for ruining a Golden Opportunity to make a place in history if they flop. I just hope and pray that this game has a firm release and quality content throughout all it's many dungeons, quest lines, and PvP instances.

But what do you guys think? Please leave some comments and chat it up! I would love to hear some feedback as well as criticism for my first blog! Thanks much and have an awesome day!

If you need to know more about TESO, go check out my bud Zarxces on YouTube at ZarxcesHappyLand. One of his videos has been featured on the Official Forum site for TESO and all that jazz. (

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