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fatality1980 avatar 9:27 AM on 05.30.2011  (server time)

I am sorry for posting twice in one day. I won't post again today or tomorrow, I swear. But I had to get this off my chest while it was still fresh. That's what she said.

I first got on to back in April of 2009. I thought it was awesome. They kept track of deals every week, had a price/trade-in value database for all the major retailers, had a pretty funny and interesting podcast, and they had a trading forum. Over the course of these past two years, I have embraced the trading forum. There are set standards for trading, a feedback system, and even a banned trader list. It is a tight knit community (or was). If you are unfamiliar with it, you create a "Trade/Sell List" in the trading forum, list everything you have to sell or trade and a list of "wants", and then just wait for someone to message you or check out other people's lists.

At first, it was awesome. Back when I started, people were giving good trades and there was a definite sense of value. People wouldn't message you unless they were certain they had something fair to offer for what they wanted from you. Usually, Amazon's sale and trade in prices were the standard for value. It was great. I even held my own "lowball sale", or an eBay style sale where you list everything you want to sell, and over time people bid on them starting at $1. No setting $50 start prices, no limits, it was great. Even better if you had a ton of older or retro games to sell. I could find pretty much anything.

But over time it has gotten worse. Now, I went back for the first time in about 8 months, updated my tradelist with my new games and new wants, and began to search other people's tradelists. It seems that the trading base has segregated itself. There are the old timers (those with 100+ positive feedback) and those who don't. What is sad is the old timers have put themselves on this pedestal of greatness because apparently no one else is worthy enough to trade with them. The guys who don't seem to be going in the way of junking up the trading forum. I went through the most recently updated threads this morning. I opened about 15 of the 20 threads on the front page and began to go through them. 9-10 of them were nothing but maybe 5-6 Xbox 360 games, a couple terrible puzzle or movie games from older systems, and then floods of anime movies, comic books, Blu-rays, or even just crap from their house. Somebody was trying to sell an iPad on there? Why would you think that belonged there? This other guy's tradelist didn't even have games, but rather just three paragraphs of text and unedited ginormoous pictures of a collectible Dallas Cowboys watch he wanted to sell.

Then, there is the other problem that the people who ARE there to trade games have decided that they all want to be like Gamestop now and try to get the most for the least. Now, mind you, there use to be a fairness there. But apparently in the 14 months between my last trade and now when I came back to the site, that went out the window. Some guy offered me $10 for Castlevania: Lord of Shadows (PS3) and $25 for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3), which are both lower than the trade-in value for those games at Amazon. Another guy offered me his copy of Twisted Metal Black (PS2) for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and then he tried to get offended at me when I (politely) told him that the offer was offensively unfair. I could get that game on eBay for $8 and keep my $60 MvC3! Then there was someone last night who sent me a message saying that he would trade Trauma Team (Wii) for Bulletstorm (PS3) and/or his Muramasa: Demon Blade (Wii) for my Epic Mickey. I have a decent feedback number (79 positive, 0 negative), so I don't see why these people (all of them under 25 feedbacks) think I am some noob to try and undercut.

What is this place turning into? Where did the people I used to trade with go? I have used Amazon's trade-in service in the past couple of months a few times, and it was quick, painless, and I got some good credit for the games. But I liked CAG because it was a fun community, and I would much rather trade a game through the mail and get one back then just sell it. If I trade, then we both get what we want, and I don't feel like a cheap hooker for selling you something on the internet market. eBay is just boring. I have to wait for someone to bid on it, then wait 6 more days for the price to stay the same and people to bid at the last moment on it. Then, I have to wait for them to pay, wait for PayPal to not be assholes and remove the hold on the transaction. Not to mention that about 25% of the time on eBay selling games, the people think that "excellent condition" means "shrink-wrapped", but are too...good word to use read the description to find out that I am not selling you a brand new game for $40. Then, when selling multiple stuff that is sometimes heavy and requires really expensive shipping, they expect "free shipping" for it? Right. So I get to lose $20? Nah. If you just had bought the one item, it would only be $10 less!

The point I am ranting about is it used to be easier and more fun on CAG. You put a game in the box on a set date, and 2-3 days later (sometimes sooner) there is a game in your mailbox. Not to mention many times you became friends with the people you traded to. But now the place has turned into a flea market in a backwoods Mississippi town. I am allowed to say that because I live here. The site itself is making some cool changes and adding new features, like the price tracker that emails you when any retailer sets their price on a certain game at or below whatever amount you specified to be notified at. The trading forum, though, is going to garbage.

Thank you for reading my rant. I don't say this much, but I appreciate the reads on my blog posts, even if you don't comment or fap. It is just nice to know that SOMEONE out there is reading my thoughts on stuff.

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