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4:50 PM on 11.01.2012

What the Hitman Miami trailer means in my eyes

Watching the advertisement there seemed to be two levels to the message. There was the message of what was inferred by the actions in the clip and there was a message given by the context to which quote were used to illustrate what the videogame was about.
In the first scene as the man is driving up in a nice sports car you are greeted with the quote “…one of the most stylishly confident games you’ll play this year. – PC Gamer.” This shot of a well groomed man in a sports car in conjunction with the quote conveys that you will actually feel like this “stylish” and “confident” man while playing this game.
The next quote is shown during a shot of the man exiting the car holding a rubber mask and a baseball bat. The lack of insight from the viewer as to what is happening naturally piques some interest and creates some mystery as to what is happening. Coincidentally the quote going along with this scene allures to the game conveying this same feeling. “The extra level of story and uncertainty surround the action elevates the project to something truly special. – Penny Arcade Report.” You are left with the questions who is this man, where is he and why is he carrying these objects?
As the man enters the elevator the music kicks in with the quote “made me feel like a god. – Rock Paper Shotgun.” As opposed to the previous quotes in context the man simply looks tired. He is leaning on to a railing and staring into a mirror. This man doesn’t look like he is enjoying himself and in context with the quote sends a very interesting message to the viewer. What does having all the power that god implies mean to the player? You are left feeling that you’re doing terrible things with this power, but why would the ad insinuate that? What does it say about people that this game is advertised by the terrible things you will do in it?
The following scene shows the man returning to the elevator wearing the rabbit mask with a small amount of blood on it. The quote “…blister-packed gunplay at its best. – IGN” infers that during the time not shown the man was involved in some exciting gunplay and that if you play the game this will be involved. As an ad this is supposedly a positive trait of the game and I believe it is related to the quote relating to the previous quote talking about feeling like a god. Violence oftentimes is a form of power and while the man may not be happy he is most certainly victorious in his violent conquests as he has returned to the elevator with little damage to himself.
Following in the theme of the previous scene the man is shown leaving the floor above the previous holding the now bloody baseball bat and the now torn and bloodied mask. It’s obvious that more violent acts have seemingly befallen his enemies and the man, despite looking more tired than before, is seemingly still without harm. The man doesn’t remove his mask in the elevator as the quote “… the pulsating soundtrack gives the action a whole new life. – MMGN” is shown. With the strong imagery of the man in the gore spattered mask it seems that the man himself has been reborn as this dark creature. The commercial implies that the “pulsating soundtrack” of the game will allow you to become, at least for the duration of the game, this new creature. This ties very well to the idea of becoming a violent powerful god that the commercial seems to also say this game will make you feel like.
As the elevator reaches the ground floor the man is shown supporting a passed out woman grasping him for strength. Along with creating more mystery as to who the man is and what he is doing the quote alongside this image ties back to the opening scenes where the man is portrayed as cool, confident, and mysterious. The quote reads “… the coolest I’ve felt playing a video game in a long time… - Kotaku.” It seems the ad is making the message that this dark god of violence that the game is allowing you to play but will also make you cool, confident, and mysterious enough to get the girl.
As the commercial ends the man moves with the girl out of the elevator as he drops the mask and bat. The camera stays focused on these two objects as the logo for the game as well as the awards it’s received. The advertisement seems to be telling you that you should pick the tools of this man up.
The purpose on an advertisement is to sell you a product and this ad in particular tied in some interesting messages with its selling points. Through analysis of the ad I have determined that it’s trying to say that if I play this game I will at the least feel like the very powerful man depicted in the ad. It also tells me I will be “reborn” in this dark character through the violent actions that I will do and the mystery I will be involved in. While a sadistic view of what people are interested in it is nonetheless effective at interesting at least me.   read

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