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falloutcam avatar 7:20 PM on 02.14.2010  (server time)
I think I just cried alittle :(

This morning at around 10:00am, I poped in Mass Effect 2. I knew I was getting towards the end of the game because I had almost collected my whole entire team and I was almost done exploring the entire galaxy for side quests and etc. When I realised that the only thing left to do in the game was to travel through the Omega 4 relay and stop the collecters, I kind of got excited because I thought my whole team was ready and nobody was going to die. So when the cut scene starts with my team going through the relay, I notice that my ship was taking some pretty hard hits from the collecters ships and I thought, the ship is going to go down but my team is going to survive but I was so very wrong. As the game played on, a few of my members died right there and then and I could not even figure out how I lost them. I was pretty much in shock, I could not handle it, just seeing Thane die was to much for me . I have played many types of RPGS in my life and I have never felt like this before. I think because I kind of felt like I had developed a close bond with my team over time because of the story missions I did with them, I felt like they were someone I know for a long time because I got them to open their hearts to me and tell me eveything they did in their life and seeing someone like that die is hard because they effected me with thier storys emotionally . Kudos to BioWare for making a game that almost made me cry.

P.s Maybe BioWare should try making space T.V Dramas.

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