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falloutcam avatar 10:05 PM on 04.09.2010  (server time)
Are we really that desperate?

Now don't get me wrong I like woman and going out with them and getting to know them is great and I feel that for every man, there is a woman who would love him. A few days ago I learned about GameCrush, it's essentially a dating site for men and woman who enjoy video games. I thought that this thing was going to just disappear after a few days and never be scene again because if your a gamer you should know that playing a round of Halo is better then siting at your computer trying to find someone who probably lives in another country to talk to you. but I checked the site yesturday and I learned that the site actually became un-available because such of a large positive response from the gaming community caused its servers to EXPLODE. To tell you the truth, I was shocked, and as mean as this sounds I thought we were a little more grown up then this. You sign up on this website and then you find date and then once the chat starts GameCrush starts charging. Its $6.00 U.S every ten minutes and apparently every date on average can take up to $30, I ain't no cheap basterd or anything but what the HELL!!! I could buy some new dlc for my games with that kind of money. Boys and Girls please I beg you don't waste your on time on such petty websites. If you want to get into a serious relestionship find someone who not only accepts because your gamer, but also some one your not scared to bring down stairs into your basement and ask "Want to be my player two?" If you keep telling yourself "I'm going to wait for the geek girl who play games with me for the rest of my life" then your going to lose out and feel hurt for a long time. After all just because your geek does not mean you can't be some ones player two in real life. So in conclusion go outside, breath some nice clean air and go ask out that girl you have been thinking about ever since you saw here in math class cause hey maybe she likes the mario bros too.

Thanks for reading my short rant.

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