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10:05 PM on 04.09.2010

Are we really that desperate?

Now don't get me wrong I like woman and going out with them and getting to know them is great and I feel that for every man, there is a woman who would love him. A few days ago I learned about GameCrush, it's essentially a dating site for men and woman who enjoy video games. I thought that this thing was going to just disappear after a few days and never be scene again because if your a gamer you should know that playing a round of Halo is better then siting at your computer trying to find someone who probably lives in another country to talk to you. but I checked the site yesturday and I learned that the site actually became un-available because such of a large positive response from the gaming community caused its servers to EXPLODE. To tell you the truth, I was shocked, and as mean as this sounds I thought we were a little more grown up then this. You sign up on this website and then you find date and then once the chat starts GameCrush starts charging. Its $6.00 U.S every ten minutes and apparently every date on average can take up to $30, I ain't no cheap basterd or anything but what the HELL!!! I could buy some new dlc for my games with that kind of money. Boys and Girls please I beg you don't waste your on time on such petty websites. If you want to get into a serious relestionship find someone who not only accepts because your gamer, but also some one your not scared to bring down stairs into your basement and ask "Want to be my player two?" If you keep telling yourself "I'm going to wait for the geek girl who play games with me for the rest of my life" then your going to lose out and feel hurt for a long time. After all just because your geek does not mean you can't be some ones player two in real life. So in conclusion go outside, breath some nice clean air and go ask out that girl you have been thinking about ever since you saw here in math class cause hey maybe she likes the mario bros too.

Thanks for reading my short rant.


7:52 PM on 03.30.2010

Games and violence= Zero connection

I have grown up hearing from people like Jack Thompson and other adults saying that video games are noting good and that they will only teach me how to kill things and make my brain rot. To be fair my brain was rotten even before I started playing video games, but I whole heartly have to disagree with the whole violence thing because from my personal experience video games have actually helped me relese all out of anger I have held on to. For example, a few years ago I had one of the worst days of my school career I was pretty angry at some people and I felt I needed to take action against them, I was on the verge of going to school the next day and starting a fight but instead I went home and GTA 4. I not only kill like a million people in virtual reality but I also felt better about myself because I let go of a ton of stress. Another good example about video games is that I have a friend who has a sister that currently is in treatment in a hospital and unfortunatly can not get out much, but because of the donations from the community she can still have fun inside and forget about the disease she has because games take her out reality in to a world where she can do what ever she wants without worrying about anything. Now I have done my research and I have read all about those suicides and the killings like at Virginia tech and after I read so article's over I realized that these kids were not killing because the game told them to it was because these kids were mentally sick and the game pushed them over board and their parents should have seeked help way before any of this kind of stuff happened.

Like it or not Jack Thompson games our here to stay, they not only teach kids how to read( Reader Rabbit) they also have the power to change us emotionally.(Heavy Rain) Games can put out a message that movie's and books never could because they make it seem as if your the actual character experiencing these events. Thanks for reading :)   read

7:20 PM on 02.14.2010

I think I just cried alittle :(

This morning at around 10:00am, I poped in Mass Effect 2. I knew I was getting towards the end of the game because I had almost collected my whole entire team and I was almost done exploring the entire galaxy for side quests and etc. When I realised that the only thing left to do in the game was to travel through the Omega 4 relay and stop the collecters, I kind of got excited because I thought my whole team was ready and nobody was going to die. So when the cut scene starts with my team going through the relay, I notice that my ship was taking some pretty hard hits from the collecters ships and I thought, the ship is going to go down but my team is going to survive but I was so very wrong. As the game played on, a few of my members died right there and then and I could not even figure out how I lost them. I was pretty much in shock, I could not handle it, just seeing Thane die was to much for me . I have played many types of RPGS in my life and I have never felt like this before. I think because I kind of felt like I had developed a close bond with my team over time because of the story missions I did with them, I felt like they were someone I know for a long time because I got them to open their hearts to me and tell me eveything they did in their life and seeing someone like that die is hard because they effected me with thier storys emotionally . Kudos to BioWare for making a game that almost made me cry.

P.s Maybe BioWare should try making space T.V Dramas.   read

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