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fadecy avatar 7:37 PM on 01.16.2009  (server time)
Video Games, Video Games, Video Games...

Yes I'm going to keep posting center tags until it works! (That's me BTW)

So. A lot of people recommended I do an introductory post. And complained I talked about anime... I just figured since there was a category I would use it... but for some reason I felt like I was getting told to GTFO. But maybe that wasn't the case ^^;

Anyways. Here's my introduction. My Name's Ben and I'm an 18 year old teenager from southern England. I own a PS3, Wii, DS Lite and PSP. I actually only just picked up my PSP the other day actually. A pre-owned silver Crisis Core one. It's actually pretty sexy. I've got about... 6 games for it already including Crisis Core Lumines 2 and Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Those three games alone should tell you I'm a pretty varied gamer; I enjoy all sorts of games, I don't really have a preference, although I do lean slightly towards fighting games and shooters like Devil May Cry 4, Virtua Fighter 5 and Call of Duty 4.

Now I said I have a Wii. I actually haven't played it in freaking ages. I mean I would download some games but they're bloody overpriced. I mean, an N64 game for 8 when I can pay 3.50 for a PSone game? I mean come on Nintendo... I suppose i haven't bought a Wii game in a while... mainly because I look at the production values of a Wii game and a PS3 game which are the same price and the production values on a PS3 game are always better (well most of the time). It's like, why would you spend 3 on some small fries when you can get some large fries for the same price?

Anyways. Hope you enjoyed my first 'proper' post. I'm usually funnier than this but I'm tired so meh... I mean it is almost 2am over here...

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