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3:26 PM on 04.08.2010

Age of Zombies Review (PSP/PS3 Mini)


You play as a guy called Barry Steakfries. You travel through time and kill zombies. What more do I need to say? Oh alright I'll say a bit more about it (but honestly how can you not want it after seeing that trailer?).

Basically it plays a bit like Geometry Wars in the way that the key to being good at the game is leading enemies around in the right way so that they don't bite your face off, while at the same time killing enough of the so you don't get overwhelmed. It's all very fun, if a bit simple.

The graphics are very nice and humourous. It all looks like a chibi styled cartoon and it will bring a smile to your face. Something else that will bring a smile to your face is he level themes and Barry Steakfries' lines. Be it his talk about bringing home a zombie caveman to keep as a pet in the jurassic levelor him crying out "eyyyy SMG!" in the Mafia themed level it'll make you giggle.

There really isn't that much else to say about the game as being a PSP mini it is quite small. But at 3.99 you can't really go wrong.   read

7:18 PM on 12.11.2009

Love/Hate: Valkyria Chronicles

There are a lot of things I have a love hate relationship with, my cat, hot weather, Fall Out Boy, cheesecake. But I have never loved/hated anything as much as Valkyria Chronicles. On one hand it has incredibly high production values and giant anime tits but on the other hand it has the pace of a snail and anoying combat.

Let's first talk about what I loved. I loved the shiny graphics, the music, the sound effects, the giant breasts of Selvaria Bles. Basically: the cosmetic stuff. I couldn't get over how awesome a lot of the character designs looked (though specifically Alicia and Brigitte)

The first few missions were pretty good only a few hickups but then I got to a level where I had to assault a base and this is where I would hit a brick wall, hard, my brain juice splattering onto passers by and bits of skull skidding across the floor. Now let me tell you, I'm the kind of guy who loves RPGs (and some turn based games for that matter) I was brought up on Advance Wars and Final Fantasy and have recently fallen in love with the Persona and Disgaea series.

The problem I had with the combat in this game is that it's just plain awkward, it's an old person driving in front of you, it's making small talk with your hair dresser, it's those annoying taps that you have to push down and only pass water for 3 seconds. "Why is it bad?" I hear you ask? "Metacritic says it's awesome" well I'll tell you. The pacing is just absolutely terrible, the game deals you out huge chunks of gameplay and then a chunk of cutscene. I know this comes with the territory, it being a turn based game, but Disgaea does not suffer from this problem, the battles are fast paced and fun and the game alternates from gameplay to story quite often.

The gameplay is just so slow! It's like trying to roll a fat person up a hill. In this 'assualt' mission (I use that term loosely) it took me about 3 turns to get my two squads anywhere near any enemies. And the first enemy I encountered killed my scout because I sent her round a corner without knowing he was there and the asshole gunned her down in about a second. Now... the only way I could have known that that enemy was there would be to have played that mission before and the game asks you to choose your squad without telling you what enemies you're going to encounter (a pretty big flaw considering the rock paper scissors combat) so half your squad is taken up by classes you don't really need.

FInally the story. It might have actually been good if all of the main characters weren't so cliche. You have the big bearded tuff guy, the tomboy who is not really a tomboy, the sweet inocent girl who gets killed etc etc. I mean, what I really didn't like was how some of the story was told, in certain parts it would just be a floating character head in a square with some mouth flaps, then that square would fade out and another would fade in with the other character's reply. Now... WHY could they have not just kept both portraits up at the same time? Or even better just had all of the characters standing around (like in Persona 4) and bring up a portrait of them at the bottom of the screen when they spoke? It would have kept a better flow to the conversations and wouldn't have pulled me out of the world.

I honestly really wanted to like this game, but at the moment it's on the way to CeX with Dissidia to be traded in for Tekken 6. Let's hope Valkyria Chronicles 2 can fix some of the issues with the first game.   read

12:17 PM on 05.30.2009

Final Fantasy: Crisis Bore

Now I am a huge Final Fantasy 7 fan, thank god for my mum buying me the game for my birthday or I may have missed out on one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had. I loved that game, great characters, great story, great game play, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core was the reason I got a PSP, and the reason I wanted Crisis Core was because of the original Final Fantasy 7. Let's just say, I'm not enjoying this game.

How the hell do I centre this image?! Anyways, I own Advent Children on UMD and DVD, soon Bluray as well. I also own the original Final Fantasy 7, a decorated piece of glass saying 'Ben's Final Fantasy 7' room, Crisis Core of course and a limited edition Crisis Core PSP.

Why do I dislike this game? Well first off let's talk about the combat, it's slow, boring, repetitive and requires almost no skill. I really don't know what they were trying to do here, I mean, I win most battles because of that stupid slot wheel thing. I think the combat just lacks variety over all, it's simpl: cast magic, cast magic, cast magic, cast magic, block and then maybe bash X if you run out of teh pointzorz.

I mean, I don't have much of a problem with the story, because it's not milking the franchise as much as say, Advent Children, because it's based on something that was touched upon in the original game, What I do have a problem with though is the introduction of a random character that has never been mentioned before 'Genesis' another girly faced man witch. I just felt like this character was introduced to beef up the plot, because he's certainly not important in the overall FF7 plot

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this game, I'm just not a huge fan, and I think that's saying a lot coming from a Final Fantasy 7 fanboy.   read

1:40 PM on 01.23.2009

Kotaku = Craptacular?

This is just gonna be short and quick but. I was just wondering your opinions on Kotaku.
I used to think it was the bee's knees, but I'm slowly migrating over to DESTRUCTOID.
Reasons for this are as follows:

1.) Destructoid has more of a community.

2.) Recently I have read a good number of stories on DTOID before Kotaku.

3.) Kotaku do hardly any original content.

4.) Their site layout sucks.

5.)The green they use burns my eyes.

Yeah so, what are your opinions on the site? I like it more here because the users have more of an identity.

Also. Didn't really know what category to put this in so tell me if it's wrong.   read

6:19 AM on 01.22.2009

Kilzoyne 2 Revyew & Mirrawrz Ej

So, for those of you that didn't see it plastered all across the internet, OPM (Offical PLaystation Magazine) UK gave Killzone 2 a mighty 9 out of 10. I have managed to quickly glance through the review and from what I can make out there were a few gripes.

One being the weapon system. You can only carry one primary weapon and one secondary weapon at a time. Which means that there is no way you could carry, say, a shotgun and a sniper rifle at the same time. You could only carry a sniper rifle and a pistol. It seems a bit stingy if you ask me. Another complaint was the final boss. They said it was a little anti climactic, but from what they described it sounded pretty good to me.

Anyways, I shall be picking the game up at launch. I mean it can't be worse than Resistance 2 (which i traded in the other day for Mirror's Edge). Which I have already completed. It's a fantastic game with a few flaw but well worth spending your money on. My personal gripes were with the way the navigation was handled. For example, the first time through a level you have no idea where the hell you are supposed to go apart from a hint in the general direction by pressing the Circle/B Button. So a lot of time you'll be stopping to scan around where you have to go next, which completey brakes the flow of the game. Another gripe I have is the gimped combat, now, the gun play is pretty good but it would have been nice to see some combos or something for melee attacks as the combat usually feels very... hack and slash, but without the combos.

Anyways. This is random but you guys got any tips for conquering procrastination? I really need to get my graphics work done and I can't bring myself to do it.   read

7:37 PM on 01.16.2009

Video Games, Video Games, Video Games...

Yes I'm going to keep posting center tags until it works! (That's me BTW)

So. A lot of people recommended I do an introductory post. And complained I talked about anime... I just figured since there was a category I would use it... but for some reason I felt like I was getting told to GTFO. But maybe that wasn't the case ^^;

Anyways. Here's my introduction. My Name's Ben and I'm an 18 year old teenager from southern England. I own a PS3, Wii, DS Lite and PSP. I actually only just picked up my PSP the other day actually. A pre-owned silver Crisis Core one. It's actually pretty sexy. I've got about... 6 games for it already including Crisis Core Lumines 2 and Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Those three games alone should tell you I'm a pretty varied gamer; I enjoy all sorts of games, I don't really have a preference, although I do lean slightly towards fighting games and shooters like Devil May Cry 4, Virtua Fighter 5 and Call of Duty 4.

Now I said I have a Wii. I actually haven't played it in freaking ages. I mean I would download some games but they're bloody overpriced. I mean, an N64 game for 8 when I can pay 3.50 for a PSone game? I mean come on Nintendo... I suppose i haven't bought a Wii game in a while... mainly because I look at the production values of a Wii game and a PS3 game which are the same price and the production values on a PS3 game are always better (well most of the time). It's like, why would you spend 3 on some small fries when you can get some large fries for the same price?

Anyways. Hope you enjoyed my first 'proper' post. I'm usually funnier than this but I'm tired so meh... I mean it is almost 2am over here...   read

5:08 PM on 01.16.2009



So my first blog...

Why not make it about Anime eh?
I only recently just got into it. I was recommended Azumanga Daoih from a long time online friend and a few forum members from the ONM forums. It's an amazing anime, it's just so carefree and without trauma, it's the perfect thing to wind down to after a hard day, it's bound to bring a smile to your face. I think my favourite character is Tomo. She's just so energetic and random. Although, I do find [ur=]Kagura[/url] pretty hawt (for a 2D drawing).

I've recently started watching Haruhi Suzumiya and I'm very much enjoying it. I love the sci fi element of it. I was expecting it just to be an everyday highschool anime. Also Koizumi's english dub voice is teh sex.

So, if you feel like recommending me some good animes feel free to. I've been recommended school ruble and plan on getting round to watching that after Haruhi Suzumiya. I did try watching Bleach but couldn't really get into it.   read

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