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8:35 AM on 04.19.2012

Today I've decided to not buy any more games...

and I feel pretty damn good about that.

Something funny happened today. I can't explain exactly what it was, but this morning I decided today was going to be a day of resolve. Maybe it was waking up after having a nightmare about being shot at by the future police for being too poor. Most likely it was the hangover after a night of midweek drinking that always makes me think about all the dumb choices. It doesn't matter why, but today I was determined to lay the foundation to a better me. But first I had to make myself a cup of coffee, and play some video games.

The game I really wanted to play was The Witcher 2. Here lies the problem, and the seed to what is going to be my first goal in what hopefully ends with a better me. The problem is that I don't own The Witcher 2. Normally in this situation, I would go out and buy the damn game no questions asked. The whole be a better me vibe was still fresh in my mind so I said 'Fuck that," and went to the the shelf to find something else to play to get my mind off the ever increasing hangover.

While standing in my living room looking at my neatly organized games, I knew exactly where to start in a better me. You hear about people having backlogs all the time, but most of the time it's just a handful of titles. I decided to see how many games I had, and how many of them I still have to beat. I was going to just hold off buying games for a little bit until my whole backlog was cleared. I was imagining that at most I had 60 to 70 games, with maybe 20 or so as a backlog. Holy shit was I wrong. I am not counting any digitally purchased titles from Steam, Amazon, Onlive, GOG, or XBLA. I only counted my PS2, Xbox, and XBox 360 games on a disk. Lets just say I had way more than that. Out of those, only 16.1% had the single player or campaign beat.

My first blog entry isn't some kind of glorified argument against myself. I'm not trying to justify this drastic decision to myself. What I'm hoping to find is maybe stories from others in a similar boat. I want to see if there are ways to make it easier to resist temptation and just say no. Has anybody else tried and succeeded at being happy with what you have?   read

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