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exanimo avatar 1:40 PM on 05.01.2008  (server time)
Console Vs. PC : My (long and quickly written) Response to Neonie's Post

This was another one of my responses that just got too damn long.
Hereís Knee-owns post.

You raise a lot of good points, knee-pwn-ee. :D <3. From your writing, it seems that you are more of a console player (nothing wrong with that, buddeh. <3).

The topic you bring up is something I've thought about a lot, but never really thought of what to say to argue for it (This could be why my response is pretty terrible). I guess the reason your pal said that heís more ďgrown upĒ by playing the PC is because there are younger people playing consoles. And I also really like the arguments the others bring up, especially galaga. The only thing I think consoles bring to the table is level play because everyone's hardware is exactly the same.

I'm not looking at the gamers, to each their own I say, but rather the hardware/games itself. The way I look at it, consoles are just computers now, just more simplified (in a way .. they do use some pretty wicked hardware). It seems that all the consoles now are trying their damnedest to keep up with computers. XBL, PSN, map customization, et cetera.

I'm going to say that computers are superior (start the hate now, *flinches*). Sure it takes a little bit of work to get a good setup and keep it upgraded; computers are not for the lazy. When you're not lazy, a computer gives you unparalleled game play and flexibility.

Not only can the computer community get new maps, new skins, new textures, but we can customize it ourselves too. They can use programs to make Ö well, almost anything, from models to maps, and can download shit tons new things. Control schemes are also very customizable, hell, we can use a controller too if that's your thing. Also, modificationsÖ There are a lot of modifications of popular games that can be played with a PC.

Sure itís really difficult to get people together and play together like one does with a console. You need a lot of room for it, a lot of hardware, and electricity. :D. But the cost far outweighs the perks.

I hate split screen. A lot. It completely ruins the game experience when youíre squinting to see the enemy. Plus, how many times have you hated the person sitting next to you for looking at your screen and gives away your position. F THEM. The only reason I have a PS2 is for fighting games. I will probably be getting a PS3 for the same reason (I need Blue Blaze like crazy).

Also, because of the controller, there are arguments that game play changes. PC requires much more precision. Iíve played Halo 3 and noticed that the characters run so damn slow. This is because itís so hard to shoot the bastard with a controller. Also, even with auto-aim turned off, you will still notice the crosshair twitch to the head a bit. Why is that? Because the developers knew that people canít be precise with a controller and the gamer needed help. Mouse and keyboard doesnít require auto aim because of its precision. I will say, COD4 was a real step forward for consoles in terms of this. Real Time Strategy is another genre where PC far outplays consoles. I would love to see someone micro manage with a controller. Iím sorry, but StarCraft 64 was terrible.

If RPGs/Platformers is your thing, itís easy to just get a controller for the PC and play it. Of course not as many games of this type get released for PC and the reasons are clear. There is more money in releasing games to all consoles for more money. Driving games .. Just get a steering wheel and play GTR2. Amazing. But I will say the Gran Turismo series is incredibly good. I would just love to see it come to the PC. But the PC does have many racing games that are released for consoles.

The only reason developers develop games for the console is because they realize the money there is in it. It opens the gaming industry to more people; therefore more people can buy.

All in all, there are some perks to console gaming. More games of specific genres, level game play, and ease of use. However, I just think PC is better. :o).

Itís just my opinion, it has flaws, Iím human, Iím just throwing it out there. <3

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