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evil chad avatar 4:56 PM on 08.30.2008  (server time)
The return of the dawn of the evil chad - games are not movies.

After an extremely long haitus i now have finally returned but you won't be seeing the same crap from me. I'll be tackling the issues i have avoided for a while now but after being stuck in the middle of the enthusiast press i simply have to get out of my system and that's where this ridiculously long title comes in.

"movie reviewers don't have to deal with the issues we have to."
I hear this all the freaking time and im tired of it.

Movies are NOT games.
Stop comparing them.

Now to backup my claim and prove myself right.

1. The reasons you buy/watch a game and movie are different.
2. The pricing points are usually much different.
3. The audiences for both are generally different.
4. Movies are mainstream media.
I can understand really, i know what it's like to write for something and want to cling onto a sister medium for comparison but it doesn't work, it's like plugging your us playstation 2 into a europe outlet and expecting it to work only there's no magical convertor for the mediums.

I tire of people in the movie industry talkin about games too, they need to shut their mouth because they have just as much right to review games as he does rocketships.

Ebert reviews movies.... not games...... his statements shoule go no further than "i saw someone play (insert random game here) and i think it sucks."

While there are a few intersections now and then between movies and games for the most part you just can't compare them or the industries.

As an ex member of the gaming enthusiast press, the next time you want to latch onto the movie industry to make a point or make a comparison, think before you do.

It's hard to make your own space, to establish an operational front, to find a place in media but by latching onto another medium you cheapen your own medium.

I'm off to remove the boards off people's houses in preparation for the hurricane AND learn photoshop!

evil chad OUT!

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