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evil chad avatar 7:09 PM on 05.03.2009  (server time)
Gaming's maturity part 1 - press and misconceptions

It has been far too long since I've done this thanks to my Internet expulsion but i am firing my articles back up and hoping my newfound writer skills will push me to do more than just lists.

Every time a press person delves into the problems apparent with gaming they immediately hit the "gaming is still too immature as an industry" tirade and ride that train as far as it will take them. That's exactly part of the problem, the longer we sit navel gazing and talking about how much we have not progressed, the longer we will spin our tires and keep sitting in the rut our old man station wagons.

Every time i hear a reviewer moan about how some people will list the technical problems with a game rather than engaging a certain angle of a game i want to stab them in the face (and often do) with a waterman phileas rollerball pen only 39.99 at your nearest local retailer!!!!!!

Back to seriousness here, the truth is that gaming is not like any other medium that exists, just like movies aren't like any of the other mediums that are around, you might argue T.V. shows are similar but review them in the exact same way and see how much crap is shoveled on your doorstep.

you may not like talking about the save game glitch that rears it's head but if it is something that will be prominent and widely experienced by many of the people who read your review, you are doing your readers a disservice by not mentioning it especially in an industry where a product can cost anywhere between 1.99 for an iphone game or 189 for a music game.

As long as the press uses catch all terms like insiders and keep trying to stretch out in all sorts of directions with their writing we will never reach gaming nirvana..... but that is impossible anyway and the reason for that is apparent no matter what medium you occupy but for those who can't see why i will go into larger depth later on in part 2

destructoid is my home and haven on the net and it's good to be home, for those of you who followed me and read my writing, i appreciate it more than you could ever imagine and i hope to bring you better quality work than ever before.

evil chad OUTTA here

oh and to chad concelmo, I've got some lava proof shoes for you, just in case

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