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4:16 PM on 05.15.2008

coming back to greatness - sonic 3 and knuckles.

Before i get started proPAH, i have to thank everyone on destructoid for the great support especially the ghost with the rad shoop of games i have already written about even if the list is short at the moment, i feel loads better and and iron man was pretty good. I WAS going to come back with final fantasy 12 because i played an assload of it in the hospital but i thought i would come back with a retro classic.

Now onto the main event.....

I loved sonic 2 so it was no small guess i would pounce on sonic 3 as well which i fervently played an extensive amount of time learning every secret and hating knuckles everytime he broke a bridge, cut out the lights, etc. Not long after i started mapping the sphere levels in sonic 3 i heard the news that sonic and knuckles was in development with a small surprise, a lock-on catridge!

When i waited the obligatory 10 minutes for the swap of the slip of paper for the actual gamebox i was constantly going mad with the idea of playing through sonic 3 with knuckles and finding out what happened to the normal death ray device battle station thingie robotnik was building. When i finally got the game back to my gaming stronghold of retrowesomeness i lplaced the sonic 3 cartridge upon the mighty ziggurat of the sonic and knuckles cartridge and consequently blacked out until i had beaten the game with knuckles.
The main reason they are linkable is because they were at one time one game but due to development costs they had to split them up which is why sonic 3 is kinda short.

Playing the game through in one seamless experience was a sonic overload of happiness for me and i enjoyed it exponentially more than sonic 2 namely due to the secondary paths and the extra characters who contribute to gameplay. A great many pleasant memories revolve around this game including me and sora bundled up on the couch late night christmas eve.

This to me was the last great sonic game (sonc cd came out the year before) before they screwed it up with bland characters and crappy fishing based gameplay, you may not like tails or knuckles but they did have different strengths and weaknessess adding depth to the game.

As a side note...... tails is my favorite character........

If you haven't played sonic 3 and knuckles and you enjoy the sonic series do give it a try, it's definitely worth playing.

well im off to go beat the damned ridorana cataract in final fantasy 12 gonna bake a cake..... evil duties on hold since im happy to be alive right now especially after the bad storms last night here, trees down all over and one large town completely dark.

evil chad OUT!   read

2:33 PM on 05.11.2008

The ultimate payoff

Well i came through allright it seems though my chest still hurts like really bad at times.... i guess getting cut up like a christmas turkey will do that. Also i have a new girlfriend in one of my loyal standby friends, kay. after she apologized for slapping me (even though i deserved it) we both talked for awhile and finally fessed up how we felt about each other which is actually kind of dumb if you think about the harrowing odds i was to face the very next morning but i believe it gave me something else to fight for.

the doctor said i have an extremely strong heart and a very good prognosis so you'll can all look forward to more of my evil deeds in the coming....... well ....


Everything aside it was awesome to see destructoid's response to my personal crisis. i look forward to writing more for the community and commenting on the usually awesome blogs posted on this site.

im off to think of my next write up.... and maybe kick a possum....

evil chad OUT!   read

4:33 PM on 05.06.2008

The biggest gamble of my life

Well i know what im up against, it's a heart defect that has worsened. I always had a problem with running for extended periods of time or strenous exercise but wrote it off since i played games often and didnt exercise much for long periods of time. Being at my new job ive had to work in more strenous enviroments than before the problem now seems evident.

Im sorry, im sure that makes little sense, let me break it down, theres a hole in my heart and it needs to be fixed. after the blood test came back with no obvious problems an x-ray was performed and the hole was found. I now face a choice, i can either get the procedure done or eventually i will pass away from this. The big problem i face is that the doctor gives me 60/40. While the odds are in my favor they are still stacked higher than normal.

I sat in the bed just thinking on this for awhile and kay asked me what i thought and i said i dont know, i've had fiancee, my parents could use the insurance money, maybe i shouldn't get it done, to which she slapped the shit out of me and stormed out half in tears which surprised me. She did come back and we both apologized, i guess i learned no matter how lonely you may be, there will always be someone who'll miss you.

So im gonna have it done, long story short, nothing ventured nothing gained.

i've given my information to my friend chelsea so if anything does go wrong she will be able to inform everyone and close out my online accounts etc. I keep thinking im in some freaking movie and i will just wake up but it's beyond real now. well everyone, it's been awesome talkin with you and with all due luck i'll be able to chat again this weekend, but just in case i wanted to thank the following for setting me onto awesome games.

lords of thunder
alien storm
mega turrican
and a good couple more i cant seem to remember right now thanks to the drugs im on.

lords of thunder
perfect cherry blossom
warning forver
trigger heart excelica
more i cant remember

phantasy star 1,2,4
lost odyssey
i KNOW theres more but again, the drugs.

i know theres at least 4 but i cant seem to think of them.

the red star

when or if i get better i will totally write down all of them and post them , for now the room is spinning so i need to put laptop down for now. hope to see you all again soon,

evil chad out.   read

5:19 PM on 05.03.2008

explanations and apologies

I know it has been a while since i have posted anything on here, i will keep this simple so as not to come off as a dramallama but i have been in the hospital and it hasn't been going well.

The freaking doctors can't figure out exactly whats wrong yet but none of it is good.

We can only wait for blood results before we know anything else and i haven't been able to tell anyone on destructoid yet until now thanks to my friend who was gracious enough to bring her laptop to the hospital and her banging net connection. I want to thank everyone who posted regularly on my blog and the entire destructoid community, especially the retroforcego crew who have given me something to listen to in the hospital and introduced me to all these awesome people.

no evil deeds today..... im just off to contemplate life ....

evil chad out.   read

3:30 PM on 04.19.2008

Super serial editorial - games, srs business.

Let me get this out of the way by first saying i was seriously sick in the worst freaking way thanks to a cold front that moved in and decided to upgrade my freaking upper respiratory infection to full blown pneumonia i have been dessicated and unable to move my vivisected body to a net connection to post.

While in the deep throws of mild dimensia i began to ponder some of the things we as gamers have done in the last few years. We have begun to look at games much in the same way uptight douchebags like roger ebert do movies. I heard an insane arguement saying that gameplay is the whole feel you get from the game such as the graphics and such, they were using the screen tearing and glitches in mass effect as an example of bad gameplay because it was part of the game.

Back the freaking truck up.

First off, i thought graphical problems was problems with the GRAPHICS!

I began to think even more on this and realized gamers are on the way to destruction.... since when have we started looking at games in such elitist terms? Why have we turned around on our way of being in a completely different category of people? Since when have we all turned into mini eberts with broadbrush comparisons and piddles over the tiniest of details?

It's simply a different way of thinking with games now and it's an allegory of freaking animal farm. We have taken over with our own new content and soon if we aren't careful we are going to end up the fat hefty pig fucks we tried to get away from in the first place! I think gamers are on a precipice and we need to take a step back and look at what games really should be....


When we delve and decipher and describe every little detail of every little thing about our games we are essentially placing video games into the hands of the assholes we wanted them out of in the first place!

Next time you decide to drop a point because the box art wasn't good or because a game has a subtitle, think for a minute how much you sound like a quibbling elitist and realise just what the fuck these games are for in the first place.


and guess what... if you enjoyed it...... it's got to be good enough to play.

I'm off to make a puppy cannon..... it's like a potato cannon but uhhh yeah...... with puppies.

Evil chad OUT!

P.S. - My recent posts have lacked a certain polish but i am rectifying this problem by writing in my spare time and posting when near a net connection instead of just writing red eye when im near a net connection. My goal is to have at least three posts by the end of next week.   read

3:18 PM on 04.10.2008

Top five favorite game moments.

The dolphino army had to move quickly to keep any tree related incidents that might shine upon chad concelmo in a negative light under wraps. Now that there is no danger of his dark secret past coming to light once again our goodwill ambassador of amazing can continue to ready the masses for assimilation.

This list is about the parts in a game that really held me in their grasp and showed me what games could be in the righthands. Let's get to it shall we?

Number five!

I love metal gear solid and nothing quite caught me about the game when ........ damnit....

Spoiler alert friggin last boss details.

When liquid snake jumps into metal gear rex and bears all arms against snake very few moments can compare to that moment when you realize this giant walking battle tank is aboutto let you haveit with both barrels. You best habeeb it i was nervous when i realized i was given control of snake with no information on how to destroy rex.

Number four!

I liked but never found mario 3 to be teh awesomeness like everyone else but i have to say in the very first level when you grab the leaf and fly up into the clouds and find the coins, 1up and the pipe i just felt this was the coolest thing ever.

Number three!
Circumventing a game in a way it wasn't intended always feels fun. In super mario world you could beatthe game in a very few minutes by use of the star road. The first time i finished the game and saw 12 cleared on the title screen afterwards ifelt like i did something outside the developers expectations.... and that's always a rad feeling.

Number two!

Sonic 2 was the game to solidify and confirm that i would always be a gamer for life. This goesto sonic 3 and knuckles however because using the characters like tails and knuckles in some of the levels madethe levels feel huge and seeing the stuff put in there just for them reconfirmed that sega really did think their games through in the old days...... man those were good times.

Number one!

I love twilight princess even though it is ocarina of time done again.... But this game fully sold me on the wii concept. The darknut battle made me literally forget i was holding a wiimote and nunchuk and made me think i was holding a sword and shield, blocking and waiting for an opening to just rip at one of those badass enemies. It was quick but it was completely inventive and did what almost every other game failed at..... bringing me in the game on a one to one scale.   read

6:39 PM on 04.08.2008

Remember this? - Parasite eve 2

Well after coming back from my shadowing mission in cancun to prevent any stray nukes from hitting i ran across a guy who had a broken ps2 .... well it had the disc read error..... so after some careful negotiations and a little aligning of the lens i now have and now im picking ff 12 again. I also picked up the red star because i have heard SO MUCH ABOUT THIS DAMN GAME!

Onto the main feature....

After hearing collette semi-bash parasite eve 2 i have to set the record straight...... this game is freaking awesome. Load up that nine mil and get ready to kick some mutated creature ASS!

You play as aya brea again fighting anmc's. These creatures are worse than the ones in the previous entry ranging from giant garbage monsters to horses with human faces who purr in a very disturbing manner.

This gal don't take crap from any damn monster, in the googled screenshot above you can see aya aiming one of her powers at a creature. She has severalof these at her disposal such as one to increase the damage her bullets cause and one to incinerate opponets. Killing enemies nets you bounty points to buy new equipment and exp points to get new powers and upgrade old ones.

I believe this is the precursor to resident evil 4 with the shop system and inventive boss battles which allow you to use your environment to your own advantage, such as shooting power cables to electrocute a boss.

The follow up to the cinematic rpg is truly a great game though one you may have a hard time playing nowadays thanks to survival horror controls and dated graphics. Play itfor the great gameplay and the fact that the last boss isn't EXTREMELY FREAKING HARD ALL BECAUSE YOU WENT DOWN THE WRONG PATH!!!

Im off to see if the red star is worth all the underground hype.......

Evil chad OUT!   read

4:59 PM on 04.05.2008

Remember this? - Snatcher

Nothing ventured nothing gained. i learned that it's best to keep posts under a bajillion words last time so this time it's one simple subject.

hideo kojima rocks your freaking socks off.

Dubiously called a "cyberpunk adventure" this game did make use ofthe cd in the sega cd for voice overs and atmospheric music.

In snatcher you play as gillian seed a"junker" tasked with finding "bioroids" which, despitetheir name being very similar to hemmoroids, are closer to robotic lifeforms which take over their victims lives..... like hemmoroids though, they're a major pain in your ass.

This game serves as more of a point and click adventure, find the clues on the bioroids, find the bioroids, and destroy them. In true kojima style there is a lot of twists and turns butthe action is..... a little lacking.

The "shooting seqences take place upon a 9 square grid, something will appearin a square, shoot it with either your enforcer or your control pad before it can hurt you. Luckily as poor as those sequences sound, some of them are actually very frenetic and fun.

The big drawin this game is the awesome story and the likeable characters. If you're in the camp that believes that kojima can weave a yarn like nobodies business then you owe it to yourself to pick it up.....

I mainly recapped this game because due to the contest it's finally relevent again so if you're the lucky winner of this game, enjoy because you have an awesome adventure coming to you.

Im off to announce atlas' true identity to everyone at gamestop.

evil chad OUT!   read

4:52 PM on 04.01.2008

Triple Trouble! evil chad attack!

In this super sized update you will receive not one or even two but THREE nuggets from the gospel of evil chad. Let me just say despite the date of this post none of this is any sorts of april fools jesting, evil chad and the dolphino revolutionary army doesn't fall into your customs and traditions and in the year 2022 all humans will be subjected to four times the torture just for the lulz. Let's get started shall we?

9 things i hate about lunar, earthbound, and super metroid.

9. "Ok, luna, you attack him in the back, ramus you hit that guy after she does, oh shit if i do that ramus won't be able to attack this turn since the enemy is too far away!"

Lunar is such a great game. Every battle requires extra thought, but when you have been raised playing final fantasy 7 and super mario rpg, every battle being a strategic decision is jarring. In all honesty it doesn't bother me that much which is why it isnt higher on the list!

8. Old guy throws a lawn chair at you!

Earthbound, which pisses me off in more ways than one, is filled with ridiculous attacks.... maybe a little too much, the dog barking loudly at the begining of the game does NOTHING as far as i can tell..... so why freaking have that!?

I get it, "ohhhh it's silly/refreshing like that!". I have to scroll through enough text as is, just STOP IT!

7. "let me check my map.... no missle room here...."

WHY THE HELL DO I EVEN NEED TO GO TO A DIFFERENT ROOM TO GET THIS SHIT?!?!?! why not just have the save rooms give you that stuff... i'll budge even more than that, save room, then missle and recharge room.

It's not even that! it forces you to go find each room seperately or just kill what ever the fuck indiginous creatures tool about that area! It's not that the game is hard, it certainly isn't, (it isn't hard for me yet anyway....) but it's just unneeded.

6. evil chad hits for mortal damage!

Why is it that almost every other enemy in earthbound can hit for more damage than you actually have health?! i mean i get it, it's for the rolling hp counter.... it's still retarded!

why does the damage countdown anyway?! are you bleeding out?! it makes no fucking sense and it sucks to get wiped out by one tooling robot because... holy hell, YOU KILLED IT OUT OF ORDER!

just NO!

anyone who played the game with slow text scroll would probably not make it to the end of the game due to the freaking rolling hp shit!

5. nash..... ramus..... you guys suck.

For every two endearing character you get in lunar you get one douchebag. Nash is the one character i want to kill most of all and ramus.... im tired of getting poisoned because ramus goes last because he's a FATTY FAT FAT FATTY FAT FAT FAT FAT FATTY MCFATTERSON!!!!

and NO, there isn't enough fats in there to describe ramus!

4. i'll just open this doo- FUCK! MY LAST SUPER MISSLE!

ok, this one doesn't seem to be that big of deal for most people but it is for me. in the newer metroids on the gba you simply hold r when you go to fire a missle.... better than toggling in my opinion because you didnt have five different weapons, they just got better than they were.

i hate wasting a super missle or power bomb because i got in a firefight and forgot i had it selected...... nowhere near a dealbreaker though.

3. Run away?! you coward! FUCKING DIE!

I should be used to this by now since many other rpgs have useless run away commands, but it definitely bugs me in a game so focused on strategy. why the fuck can't i run away? TECHNICALLY you can try but i have found running away in lunar alot like skipping turns till you die!

it's now to the point i don't even try because i know if i do most likely i will have fifteen monsters insert their tree branches and vines up my party members colons while they spin around like neurotic merry go rounds!

2. "i don't know.... you might need that jar of honey somewhere..."

The item management in earthbound, like the menus is BROKEN! Why the hell can't the game just do what games were doing years before and just make it disappear... as is your item pages are usually filled to bursting.... but what do they do?! they leave key items there and MAKE YOU CALL and have someone come pick it up AND CHARGE YOU FOR IT!

In the version i played it was 18 bucks to store but in some emulators if the games copy protection is not circumvented it will charge you 75 bucks for them to come to you and pick your wildly useless key machine up. I call SHENANIGANS on earthbounds entire item and even menu management... if it weren't for the awesome story and characters i would have just let it be.

1. "Zebes is a huge place... i wonder where i should go..."
*space crickets chirp in the background*

The only thing keeping me from beating super metroid is finding out where to go next... it wouldn't be so hard if it AT LEAST showed me which region to go to! i have to go to norfair and brinstar and all these other freaking places and tool about until i find the proper crumbled block to to place a super missle into.

Sad thing is when you DO find out where to go it's usually so obvious you feel like an idiot to search so long and that, in turn, keeps me from playing because my hardwork is rewarded with a feeling of immense retardation.

there you have it, nine things spread out over three games that ever so slightly tarnish sparkling examples of gaming awesomeness.

next feature....

Life without internet.

i thought it might be interesting to keep a record of what goes on daily in the mind of someone who has had internet TORN AWAY FROM THEM due to corporate fucks being way too greedy. (again, FUCK YOU CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS!)

03/27/08 - My mind immediately boils at the discovery of teh intarnets disaapearence. I plan out my next blog post on destructoid, and write down any downloads i need next time im near a net connection.

03/28/08 - I find myself instinctively clicking mozilla to no avail.... it bothers me so much i hide it in a dormant folder far far away.....

03/29/08 - I go to a friends house and drag my compy along to set steam in offline mode and try and eventually download audiosurf, i post my d-toid blog and stay pretty much all day before she passes out leaving me to play brawl in the dark forcing me to go home.

03/30/08 - with no internet i have decided to make good on my retrolutions and get started with lunar and i wiped out a good deal of pikmin 2.

3/31/08 I tried to play super metroid but after getting the power bomb i simply have no fucking clue where to go and without internet it remains unsolved.

pikmin 2 lays defeated at my feet. I try to play portal offline but it refuses.... even after i updated and set it to offline while connected to the internet.

i can still play audiosurf which leads me to believe one thing..... valve hates people without internet connections and i too have hatred for them for knocking $50 of games down the drain till i can get the net again. Before you even say it, yes i ran them to make sure there was no updates..... just all of valve's games seems to not wanna play offline.

and now......

Must i really say more? This game is really and truly the game that started me on the path to rpg games. I loved the way it required great reflexes but also strategy. That being said it was a little eas, not too long compared to almost any rpg but this dream mixture pulls a pre-portal and makes a game thats JUST the right length.

The characters are memorable, the battle system was fantastic, and it was the perfect merging of a nintendo franchise with the trappings of an rpg from squaresoft, including the obligatory harder than the final boss secret boss battle.

I really wish my words for this game could do it justice but if you are an rpg fan... play this game. Like right now.

well im off to go place animals in landromat dryers simply becausebeavis and butthead did it.

evil chad OUT!!!   read

12:07 PM on 03.29.2008

Mega update - bad news, castle shikigami 2/shikigami no shiro 2

Well, shit. i have to give a huge fuck you to charter communications. They have DOUBLED my cable and internet bill to the point where i simply cannot afford it anymore. This sad stigma cannot destroy the forces of evil chad however, i will be posting on any intarnets connection i can find so my unwitting minions may still read the gospel of evil chad.

During my internet exile i shall be playing many games i just haven't gotten around to, heres that list and if you have any suggestions post them in the comments.

Lunar - because dyson can't stop going on about it.
Geist - for the hell of it.
Pikmin 2 - because im a slowpoke.
Super Metroid - because i have to.
Syphon Filter - facepalm.jpeg

And many many more.

many trips to the library and associates houses will be made to ensure you all receive the word of evil chad as often as possible to prepare for the coming of the dolphino revolutionary army.

And now onto the update of the day,

Shikigami no shiro 2/castle shikigami 2

I list Both names because those of us on the dreamcast must import this gem (or NOT download it)

This game is a pure and good bullet hell shooter with enough challenge to keep you coming back on higher difficulties and lots of crap to unlock. Obligatory screenshot insertion time!

The colors... it's like a koala crapped a rainbow behind my eyeballs.....

You have three attacks, shot, special and bomb. the first and last need no intro but the second is a little different. it could be anything from using a cat to deflect bullets to sweeping that pesky fire away with a circling broom. This is of course based on your character and they don't always work 100% so don't rely on them.

In this game you are rewarded for risk. Getting close to bullets makes your bullets EXPONENTIALLY better! Getting close is, of course, very dangerous but if you need to finish a boss quick it's worth doing.

I include both titles because this game was also released in the ps2 but i cannot vouch for the differences in them because i have only played the Dreamcast version.... if you can find it though it's supposed to be only $5.99 for ps2 at Gamespot and EB games.

At any rate, find these games if you like bullet hell shmups, you simply won't regret it.

Don't forget to check in regularly or else i will have to send you the black box. You don't know whats in the black box.... but it's never good, it could be superman 64 or cthulu's cousin, it's just never good, so stick around!!

Im off to drag a magnet across the harddrives at the local wal-mart display computers.

evil chad OUT!   read

4:45 PM on 03.26.2008

Sister doin it for herself - top 5 women in gaming.

In one of rev. anthony's rants he claimed there are only two thoughtful portrayals of women in gaming. Well rev, i take your challenge and throw in FIVE not including jade or alyx.

The rules in this particular five are no characters from the same COMPANY and they must have more attributes than gozangas.... in fact having huge gozangas for the heck of it led to many candidates being thrown out.... im looking at you aya brea!

With out further ado........

Number five!

Tough as nails, strong as an ox, cunning as a fox and the finesse unrivaled in any other bounty hunter in the galaxy. Samus is deep, thought provoking, and about as flashy as a sherman tank. She never speaks but her actions speak alot louder than most voiced female characters.

Maybe she would've scored higher if she came out of her shell more than she does and i don't mean her suit, that leads us to....

Number four!

Back in the day square was a powerhouse releasing several awesome rpgs one after another. One of the lesser known rpgs was legend of legaia and that's where this character comes in.

Her name is noa in case you didn't know and she was raised by what seems like a simple wolf, i won't go far into her whole life story except to say she faced isolation from other humans. The concepts of every day life as normal people is lost on noa.

it's really hard to say exactly why she is such a good character apart from the fact you have to watch her "grow up" during the game as she goes on her quest to save the world. As thought provoking as noa is she has a large part of the typical anime girl that seems to dilute her character just a little bit.

Number three!

Sorry meryl, you just seem a bit clingy, naomi is taking this spot. Most women like to fall in love with their man in games maybe do some anime bullshit, naomi isn't like that, god it saddens me i have to do this STILL after all this time....


Now we can continue, naomi is a doctor, a support member and a murderer. She took actions in her own hands in the foxdie program to take revenge for her bigger adoptive brother by including snake in the program. not content with just being seductive, she has an entire life story, her origins shrouded in mystery even she does not know, and thanks to snake, grey fox took his awful secret to his grave. Complicated, seductive, smart, and tragic, naomi hunter definitely belongs on this list.

Number two!

The most controversial pick of the bunch in my opinion. Tifa is NOT your typical anime bullshit character. She fights with her fist but isn't afraid to get into a slap fight with the occasional bitch if necessary. While she did have a few parts of vulnerability and weakness, for the most part tifa is a shining example of a true woman: intelligent, strong, yet gentle when it's needed. If only she wasn't quite so weak around cloud she may have nabbed....

Number one!

Nei is a breaker of the typical archetype. Being an assassin she can't afford to be helpless and using bars and claws as weapons means she has the brute force to stand up to most adversaries that other game girls would crumble in front of. Nei is the type of girl that if you tried to force into a submissive state she would simply break you. As it turns out she is an artificial life form as well and is indirectly responsible for the disasters befalling the planet, i could say more but you should probably just get the game and try it yourself.

Well im off to find a cat and stuff it into my mailbox as revenge for the stupid mailman for being so freaking late!

evil chad OUT!   read

6:31 PM on 03.25.2008

Remember this? - Silhoutte Mirage

I have to say this is one of my most favorite games EVER! I completely and wholly love it.

This game is seriously one of the best run 'n' guns i have EVER played. This game also

features a purebred pedigree from treasure and is another testament to their knowledge.

The game involves a character named shyna nera shyna who is the messenger of

justice.... try telling THAT to the numerous enemies who are completely convinced that

shyna is the messenger of destruction. Every creature is split up into one of two types,

silhouette or mirage. silhouette types are brash strong and more powerful creatures who

rely on attack more than finesse. Mirages are the polar opposite in that they are smarter

but weaker and rely on machines or special attacks to get by rather than strength.

Shyna is a completely new beast as she is both silhouette and mirage and the attribute

changes depending on which way you face. Attack a mirage enemy with a mirage attack

and it will lose spirit which acts like mana keeping them powered up and using their most

powerful attack, swap up the attacks to their opposites and it deals damage to the enemy.

Shyna is just like any other creature so getting hit by attacks the same color as you will

weaken your attacks. You're bored, i know, how bout a screenshot featuring one of those

famous treasure bosses?

Not enough? How bout more?

To give an idea of how awesome the game is that boss above (the gun) is loaded with living

projectiles, silhouette and mirage alike and you have to remember which order they were

loaded if you want to beat it in the best way possible.

Gamespot will tell you it's a terrible game and there are a few changes from the japanese

games that do make for troubling discussion such as higher cost for weapons and that the

weapons you buy from the shop drain your spirit to use but that is gamespot and we care

about them like we do about our creepy aunt who looks in our window when she doesn't

think we are looking. i simply don't buy the weapons aside from the upgraded first weapon

which costs no spirit to use. this game has a few sound issues to such as shyna yelling bam!

every time you bash a coin out of an enemy, gamespot mentions this but fails to mention

this game supports vibration, better video quality, debug mode and an entirely new path

which essentially boils down to a really hard boss battle but is still rad. If you like run 'n'

guns with a huge amount of depth and can get it at about twenty bucks, i would.

Well im off to call back the peeps to stop their reign of tyranny until next year.

evil chad OUT!   read

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