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To address a couple issues, firstly i can't type correctly. my right wrist was severely damaged in an accident so if i don't punctuate or or capitalize please remember im typing with two index fingers here ok?

secondly, im not an artist. im a writer and now a writer without an editor so there is going to be mistakes. get over it! my pictures won't look anywhere near as cool as the stuff i've seen around here and im not very familar with photoshop and currently with my job it's going to take a while for me to learn. if anyone has any tips or links that are easy to follow for noobs id love to see them.

I truly believe i fall into the hardcore category. i play all sorts of video games on all systems. the only games i dont play a full spectrum of is sports games. at the moment the only next gen console i have is a wii and will be getting a 360.... as soon as i possibly can.
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Before i get started proPAH, i have to thank everyone on destructoid for the great support especially the ghost with the rad shoop of games i have already written about even if the list is short at the moment, i feel loads better and and iron man was pretty good. I WAS going to come back with final fantasy 12 because i played an assload of it in the hospital but i thought i would come back with a retro classic.

Now onto the main event.....

I loved sonic 2 so it was no small guess i would pounce on sonic 3 as well which i fervently played an extensive amount of time learning every secret and hating knuckles everytime he broke a bridge, cut out the lights, etc. Not long after i started mapping the sphere levels in sonic 3 i heard the news that sonic and knuckles was in development with a small surprise, a lock-on catridge!

When i waited the obligatory 10 minutes for the swap of the slip of paper for the actual gamebox i was constantly going mad with the idea of playing through sonic 3 with knuckles and finding out what happened to the normal death ray device battle station thingie robotnik was building. When i finally got the game back to my gaming stronghold of retrowesomeness i lplaced the sonic 3 cartridge upon the mighty ziggurat of the sonic and knuckles cartridge and consequently blacked out until i had beaten the game with knuckles.
The main reason they are linkable is because they were at one time one game but due to development costs they had to split them up which is why sonic 3 is kinda short.

Playing the game through in one seamless experience was a sonic overload of happiness for me and i enjoyed it exponentially more than sonic 2 namely due to the secondary paths and the extra characters who contribute to gameplay. A great many pleasant memories revolve around this game including me and sora bundled up on the couch late night christmas eve.

This to me was the last great sonic game (sonc cd came out the year before) before they screwed it up with bland characters and crappy fishing based gameplay, you may not like tails or knuckles but they did have different strengths and weaknessess adding depth to the game.

As a side note...... tails is my favorite character........

If you haven't played sonic 3 and knuckles and you enjoy the sonic series do give it a try, it's definitely worth playing.

well im off to go beat the damned ridorana cataract in final fantasy 12 aaaaaaaaaaaaand............im gonna bake a cake..... evil duties on hold since im happy to be alive right now especially after the bad storms last night here, trees down all over and one large town completely dark.

evil chad OUT!

evil chad
2:33 PM on 05.11.2008

Well i came through allright it seems though my chest still hurts like really bad at times.... i guess getting cut up like a christmas turkey will do that. Also i have a new girlfriend in one of my loyal standby friends, kay. after she apologized for slapping me (even though i deserved it) we both talked for awhile and finally fessed up how we felt about each other which is actually kind of dumb if you think about the harrowing odds i was to face the very next morning but i believe it gave me something else to fight for.

the doctor said i have an extremely strong heart and a very good prognosis so you'll can all look forward to more of my evil deeds in the coming....... well ....


Everything aside it was awesome to see destructoid's response to my personal crisis. i look forward to writing more for the community and commenting on the usually awesome blogs posted on this site.

im off to think of my next write up.... and maybe kick a possum....

evil chad OUT!

Well i know what im up against, it's a heart defect that has worsened. I always had a problem with running for extended periods of time or strenous exercise but wrote it off since i played games often and didnt exercise much for long periods of time. Being at my new job ive had to work in more strenous enviroments than before the problem now seems evident.

Im sorry, im sure that makes little sense, let me break it down, theres a hole in my heart and it needs to be fixed. after the blood test came back with no obvious problems an x-ray was performed and the hole was found. I now face a choice, i can either get the procedure done or eventually i will pass away from this. The big problem i face is that the doctor gives me 60/40. While the odds are in my favor they are still stacked higher than normal.

I sat in the bed just thinking on this for awhile and kay asked me what i thought and i said i dont know, i've had fiancee, my parents could use the insurance money, maybe i shouldn't get it done, to which she slapped the shit out of me and stormed out half in tears which surprised me. She did come back and we both apologized, i guess i learned no matter how lonely you may be, there will always be someone who'll miss you.

So im gonna have it done, long story short, nothing ventured nothing gained.

i've given my information to my friend chelsea so if anything does go wrong she will be able to inform everyone and close out my online accounts etc. I keep thinking im in some freaking movie and i will just wake up but it's beyond real now. well everyone, it's been awesome talkin with you and with all due luck i'll be able to chat again this weekend, but just in case i wanted to thank the following for setting me onto awesome games.

lords of thunder
alien storm
mega turrican
and a good couple more i cant seem to remember right now thanks to the drugs im on.

lords of thunder
perfect cherry blossom
warning forver
trigger heart excelica
more i cant remember

phantasy star 1,2,4
lost odyssey
i KNOW theres more but again, the drugs.

i know theres at least 4 but i cant seem to think of them.

the red star

when or if i get better i will totally write down all of them and post them , for now the room is spinning so i need to put laptop down for now. hope to see you all again soon,

evil chad out.

I know it has been a while since i have posted anything on here, i will keep this simple so as not to come off as a dramallama but i have been in the hospital and it hasn't been going well.

The freaking doctors can't figure out exactly whats wrong yet but none of it is good.

We can only wait for blood results before we know anything else and i haven't been able to tell anyone on destructoid yet until now thanks to my friend who was gracious enough to bring her laptop to the hospital and her banging net connection. I want to thank everyone who posted regularly on my blog and the entire destructoid community, especially the retroforcego crew who have given me something to listen to in the hospital and introduced me to all these awesome people.

no evil deeds today..... im just off to contemplate life ....

evil chad out.

Let me get this out of the way by first saying i was seriously sick in the worst freaking way thanks to a cold front that moved in and decided to upgrade my freaking upper respiratory infection to full blown pneumonia i have been dessicated and unable to move my vivisected body to a net connection to post.

While in the deep throws of mild dimensia i began to ponder some of the things we as gamers have done in the last few years. We have begun to look at games much in the same way uptight douchebags like roger ebert do movies. I heard an insane arguement saying that gameplay is the whole feel you get from the game such as the graphics and such, they were using the screen tearing and glitches in mass effect as an example of bad gameplay because it was part of the game.

Back the freaking truck up.

First off, i thought graphical problems was problems with the GRAPHICS!

I began to think even more on this and realized gamers are on the way to destruction.... since when have we started looking at games in such elitist terms? Why have we turned around on our way of being in a completely different category of people? Since when have we all turned into mini eberts with broadbrush comparisons and piddles over the tiniest of details?

It's simply a different way of thinking with games now and it's an allegory of freaking animal farm. We have taken over with our own new content and soon if we aren't careful we are going to end up the fat hefty pig fucks we tried to get away from in the first place! I think gamers are on a precipice and we need to take a step back and look at what games really should be....


When we delve and decipher and describe every little detail of every little thing about our games we are essentially placing video games into the hands of the assholes we wanted them out of in the first place!

Next time you decide to drop a point because the box art wasn't good or because a game has a subtitle, think for a minute how much you sound like a quibbling elitist and realise just what the fuck these games are for in the first place.


and guess what... if you enjoyed it...... it's got to be good enough to play.

I'm off to make a puppy cannon..... it's like a potato cannon but uhhh yeah...... with puppies.

Evil chad OUT!

P.S. - My recent posts have lacked a certain polish but i am rectifying this problem by writing in my spare time and posting when near a net connection instead of just writing red eye when im near a net connection. My goal is to have at least three posts by the end of next week.

The dolphino army had to move quickly to keep any tree related incidents that might shine upon chad concelmo in a negative light under wraps. Now that there is no danger of his dark secret past coming to light once again our goodwill ambassador of amazing can continue to ready the masses for assimilation.

This list is about the parts in a game that really held me in their grasp and showed me what games could be in the righthands. Let's get to it shall we?

Number five!

I love metal gear solid and nothing quite caught me about the game when ........ damnit....

Spoiler alert friggin last boss details.

When liquid snake jumps into metal gear rex and bears all arms against snake very few moments can compare to that moment when you realize this giant walking battle tank is aboutto let you haveit with both barrels. You best habeeb it i was nervous when i realized i was given control of snake with no information on how to destroy rex.

Number four!

I liked but never found mario 3 to be teh awesomeness like everyone else but i have to say in the very first level when you grab the leaf and fly up into the clouds and find the coins, 1up and the pipe i just felt this was the coolest thing ever.

Number three!
Circumventing a game in a way it wasn't intended always feels fun. In super mario world you could beatthe game in a very few minutes by use of the star road. The first time i finished the game and saw 12 cleared on the title screen afterwards ifelt like i did something outside the developers expectations.... and that's always a rad feeling.

Number two!

Sonic 2 was the game to solidify and confirm that i would always be a gamer for life. This goesto sonic 3 and knuckles however because using the characters like tails and knuckles in some of the levels madethe levels feel huge and seeing the stuff put in there just for them reconfirmed that sega really did think their games through in the old days...... man those were good times.

Number one!

I love twilight princess even though it is ocarina of time done again.... But this game fully sold me on the wii concept. The darknut battle made me literally forget i was holding a wiimote and nunchuk and made me think i was holding a sword and shield, blocking and waiting for an opening to just rip at one of those badass enemies. It was quick but it was completely inventive and did what almost every other game failed at..... bringing me in the game on a one to one scale.