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evil chad
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The ultimate payoff

Well i came through allright it seems though my chest still hurts like really bad at times.... i guess getting cut up like a christmas turkey will do that. Also i have a new girlfriend in one of my loyal standby friends, kay....


The biggest gamble of my life

Well i know what im up against, it's a heart defect that has worsened. I always had a problem with running for extended periods of time or strenous exercise but wrote it off since i played games often and didnt exercise much ...


explanations and apologies

I know it has been a while since i have posted anything on here, i will keep this simple so as not to come off as a dramallama but i have been in the hospital and it hasn't been going well. The freaking doctors can't figure...


Top five favorite game moments.

The dolphino army had to move quickly to keep any tree related incidents that might shine upon chad concelmo in a negative light under wraps. Now that there is no danger of his dark secret past coming to light once again our ...


Remember this? - Parasite eve 2

Well after coming back from my shadowing mission in cancun to prevent any stray nukes from hitting i ran across a guy who had a broken ps2 .... well it had the disc read error..... so after some careful negotiations and a lit...


Remember this? - Snatcher

Nothing ventured nothing gained. i learned that it's best to keep posts under a bajillion words last time so this time it's one simple subject. hideo kojima rocks your freaking socks off. Dubiously called a "cyber...


Triple Trouble! evil chad attack!

In this super sized update you will receive not one or even two but THREE nuggets from the gospel of evil chad. Let me just say despite the date of this post none of this is any sorts of april fools jesting, evil chad and the...


Remember this? - Silhoutte Mirage

I have to say this is one of my most favorite games EVER! I completely and wholly love it. This game is seriously one of the best run 'n' guns i have EVER played. This game also features a purebred pedigree from...


About evil chadone of us since 5:51 PM on 03.13.2008

Do you really believe pandas are near extinction? They are most certainly NOT! They are totally hiding in underground cities WAITING to enslave the human race. When they rise will YOU be ready?!
join the dolphino revolutionary army. laser eyes.... want some? join the revolution and in only a few short years you will have your own set of laser eyes to take on the red panda menace!

Be proud, Be fierce, Be moist, Join the dolphino revolutionary army and join the future!

To address a couple issues, firstly i can't type correctly. my right wrist was severely damaged in an accident so if i don't punctuate or or capitalize please remember im typing with two index fingers here ok?

secondly, im not an artist. im a writer and now a writer without an editor so there is going to be mistakes. get over it! my pictures won't look anywhere near as cool as the stuff i've seen around here and im not very familar with photoshop and currently with my job it's going to take a while for me to learn. if anyone has any tips or links that are easy to follow for noobs id love to see them.

I truly believe i fall into the hardcore category. i play all sorts of video games on all systems. the only games i dont play a full spectrum of is sports games. at the moment the only next gen console i have is a wii and will be getting a 360.... as soon as i possibly can.

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