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    What a way to open an article about writing and maturity eh? The most unusual thing about the internet is that anyone can have their opinion read nowadays without any sort of context or requirements. The only troubling thing about that is some of the internet's writers are better than the paid writers who make writing their career.

    No more procrastination, gaming press is NEVER going to reach a nirvana wonderland where impropriety no longer exists and money never changes hands for ads before the game is determined to be worthy or even a standard set of review criteria.

    Take a deep breath.

    Now that we all have accepted this let me destroy your misconceptions that the other outlets for media are somehow better.

    Incident 1. - A local reporter began writing an article about a recall on a certain vehicle model and accidents that were possbly caused by the recall. the paper he was writing for had ads for the vehicle company in question and the stroy was dropped to a single line statment about the recall placed on the last page they possibly could put it on.

    Incident 2. - some big name movie reviewers are snubbed from some movie screenings for fear they may write something negative, furthermore, some reviewers are asked if they want a certain quote.
    EX: PR "would you like to say this is a feel good movie for the whole family?"
    Reviewer "yes, that is my quote."

    Incident 3. - An entertainment mag wrote something negative about a certain unnamed musical "artist" and the artist blacklisted the mag preventing further coverage.

    Incident 4. - stupid mass effect fox news whore.

    The idea we look up to other media outlets for integrity and how to do our jobs is really really stupid. Think about that the next time you hear about some stupid game reviewer talking about how we have so far to go before we get to the level of movie media outlets.

    In the next and final chapter i shall go through what i believe could be done to keep us going in the right direction.

    evil chad........OUT!

    It has been far too long since I've done this thanks to my Internet expulsion but i am firing my articles back up and hoping my newfound writer skills will push me to do more than just lists.

    Every time a press person delves into the problems apparent with gaming they immediately hit the "gaming is still too immature as an industry" tirade and ride that train as far as it will take them. That's exactly part of the problem, the longer we sit navel gazing and talking about how much we have not progressed, the longer we will spin our tires and keep sitting in the rut our old man station wagons.

    Every time i hear a reviewer moan about how some people will list the technical problems with a game rather than engaging a certain angle of a game i want to stab them in the face (and often do) with a waterman phileas rollerball pen only 39.99 at your nearest local retailer!!!!!!

    Back to seriousness here, the truth is that gaming is not like any other medium that exists, just like movies aren't like any of the other mediums that are around, you might argue T.V. shows are similar but review them in the exact same way and see how much crap is shoveled on your doorstep.

    you may not like talking about the save game glitch that rears it's head but if it is something that will be prominent and widely experienced by many of the people who read your review, you are doing your readers a disservice by not mentioning it especially in an industry where a product can cost anywhere between 1.99 for an iphone game or 189 for a music game.

    As long as the press uses catch all terms like insiders and keep trying to stretch out in all sorts of directions with their writing we will never reach gaming nirvana..... but that is impossible anyway and the reason for that is apparent no matter what medium you occupy but for those who can't see why i will go into larger depth later on in part 2

    destructoid is my home and haven on the net and it's good to be home, for those of you who followed me and read my writing, i appreciate it more than you could ever imagine and i hope to bring you better quality work than ever before.

    evil chad OUTTA here

    oh and to chad concelmo, I've got some lava proof shoes for you, just in case

    After an extremely long haitus i now have finally returned but you won't be seeing the same crap from me. I'll be tackling the issues i have avoided for a while now but after being stuck in the middle of the enthusiast press i simply have to get out of my system and that's where this ridiculously long title comes in.

    "movie reviewers don't have to deal with the issues we have to."
    I hear this all the freaking time and im tired of it.

    Movies are NOT games.
    Stop comparing them.

    Now to backup my claim and prove myself right.

    1. The reasons you buy/watch a game and movie are different.
    2. The pricing points are usually much different.
    3. The audiences for both are generally different.
    4. Movies are mainstream media.
    I can understand really, i know what it's like to write for something and want to cling onto a sister medium for comparison but it doesn't work, it's like plugging your us playstation 2 into a europe outlet and expecting it to work only there's no magical convertor for the mediums.

    I tire of people in the movie industry talkin about games too, they need to shut their mouth because they have just as much right to review games as he does rocketships.

    Ebert reviews movies.... not games...... his statements shoule go no further than "i saw someone play (insert random game here) and i think it sucks."

    While there are a few intersections now and then between movies and games for the most part you just can't compare them or the industries.

    As an ex member of the gaming enthusiast press, the next time you want to latch onto the movie industry to make a point or make a comparison, think before you do.

    It's hard to make your own space, to establish an operational front, to find a place in media but by latching onto another medium you cheapen your own medium.

    I'm off to remove the boards off people's houses in preparation for the hurricane AND learn photoshop!

    evil chad OUT!

    One thing every culture does to justify a particular habit or lifestyle which is not normally considered "cool" or "hip" or "healthy" is to change the context of the activity and sports is usually the first idea to comeup.

    I like the idea that games are really truly extremely important but lemme just say this now to clear everything up especially if you are concerned or are engaged in debate on the subject.


    Nothing gets your point across like ALLCAPS and 24 point font. You may even place this in your sig or on your page if you wish to show people how wrong they are.

    As much as i would love to say that games are sports and that pantheons should be erected for video games and the competiton there of..... they aren't fucking sports.

    If you've deluded yourself to the point where you think games are sports please place a generous amount of chloroform on your dirty rag of choice and inhale until you pass out and when you wake up minutes later, throw your halo tournament edition controller in the garbage.

    In all honesty there is a POSSIBLE timeline in SOME distant dimension where games COULD be sports but it's far far away from now.... especially not halo. There is no real justification for games being sports, they aren't physically challenging, gaming is not mainstream enough yet, and most importantly, games are a leisure activity .... while technically football is a leisure activity as well, it's physically challenging too so nyah.

    If anyone has any really good arguements as to why games are sports and you think it could a for real arguement, i'd love to hear it.....
    in the meantime i'm off to cover as many rabbits in nair as i can within a five minute time span while awaiting september 29th. (kirby super star ultra ds BA-BY!!!!!!!)

    evil chad OUT

    At last i have gotten my hands on and completed summon night for the ds and i must say this series continues to impress/depress me. Anytime i think "Hey, these guys, they've got gold here." SOMETHING has to popup and make me curse my stupid stylus.

    The presentation on this game is just completely engaging and fun the music is pretty good save a few songs and more importantly the characters draw you into the story as long as you are cool with anime style games and storylines.

    Some people will have the normal fetch quest type thing for you...luckily they can be ignored but sometimes the rewards are well worth it. Too bad they don't always tell you where to get the needed item.

    Summon night uses the stylus almost exclusively by tapping on your"command pallette" you can select your spells, items, conjure beasts, etc. but in the midst of battle it could be like playing wheres waldo while being punched in the arm.

    QUICK!!! find your teammates and heal them in this massive fracas!

    Summon night keeps the creation aspect of the former titles but finding the materials can be difficult unless you bought a guide, otherwise you might be wandering seperate areas for hours.

    Creating weapons will save you big money but could leave you holding outdatedweapons.

    In the end summon night hurts itself really bad by being waaaay too predictable. Each level falls the same exact way most every time. fight for two or three screens, save point, two or three more screens, another save point and boss. By the later levels i was just really running through as fast as i can trying to find out what happens next in the story.

    My final "recommendation" for this game is the later spells could take upwards of 25 seconds to fully cast and while you may just say "don't use that spell!" i would yell back that it really rocks and i really want to use it but wish it had a skip animation option.

    For all the nasty things i have said about this game i must say i simply love it, lot's of charm, great story, great battles and customizable skill trees this side of games like diablo 2 make this a game you should really try if you like this sorta game.

    Evil chad' patented love meter ranks in 7.5 out of 10.

    Im off to experiment with sterno, a cigarette lighter, and a bush of flowers..... FOR SCIENCE!!!
    evil chad OUT!

    Well i should totally win some kind of worst timing ever award seeing as how as of late events have conspired to keep me from posting on a regular basis, first a complication from surgeory then my primary access to the internet being taken away as my friend went on vacation..... i wont turn this into a live journal entry though. instead im going to just jump back into true form once again.

    Do you feel inadequate?

    Do you finish early leaving your games wanting more?

    Are you not giving the games in your life the attention they deserve?

    You may have a condition called H.A.L.O.S (hyped and anticipated latencey overdrone syndrome).
    only your good buddy evil chad can tell you if you have this disorder and prescribe you the appropriate prescription/aromatherapy product/sexual deviance object to fix this terrible disease.

    Seriously though, why exactly did many gamers pick up their battle rifles only to lay them back down moments later to join the modern warfare machine of cod 4, why did everyone in almost every facet splooge all over gta 4 and then just go meh, and pop the disc back in the case the next couple days later? my theory? Overhype.

    The last couple years have seen the most insignificant news story from outlets like the gamespot and ign mainly because the studios were doing halo 3, gta 4, etc add to that the hype from non gaming press such as the douchebag known as lev grossman writing up his picks for goty with halo 3 being at the very top.

    Honestly i have fallen into a bit of a gaming rut thanks to the outsider audience going batshit insane over halo 3, gta 4, rock band, guitar hero 3, etc. In bungie's case i probably shouldn't be too angry mainly because they have been freed from m$'s chains and may make something that doesn't involve a super soldier.... maybe a myth 3... but this is getting kind of off topic. why do you think these super anticipated titles were picked up and then dropped just as quick in the grand scheme of things?

    My internet exile has let me come up with many many articles and so anytime i get near a net connection youll see a new article from me straight from the interwebs.

    Im off to enforce godwins law on the official disney forums.....
    evil chad OUT!

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