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7:48 PM on 12.14.2012  

The Failure of BIOWARE

Mass Effect and BIOWARE failed
1. If your are a 360 owner you can not transfer you facial character from ME1 and ME2 to ME3. (even though you have been loyal since Mass Effect 1.
2. The game mechanics from ME3 sucks. You can not get to cover as easy as ME2. Mass effect game mechanics were not perfected as ME2.
3. Then collection series compact does not have any of the DLC. WTF. That is not a FU&**(*(^ collection.

3.5 Releasing more DLC content while the collection series is out. (ONLY EA)
4. What in the world were they thinking when they try to kill off a series in Mass EFFECT 3. Basically Bioware created a whole new (their version of ) Star Wars Universe without them realizing their creativity.

Break POINT: Dragon AGE 1 at least you have all the DLC.

5. Then they release DLC when the HYPE of game is at an all-time low. (Smart)

6. Not everyone wants to play multiplayer. What made Bioware so great was the storytelling. Their campaign mode is awesome. That is what they should stick with.

7. Bioware has lost focus. I wish the company would have joined Ubisoft instead.
8. UBISOFT has learned from Assassin's CREED. 1 was messed up but the game mechanics to 2 was perfect. But UBISOFT realized they had great concept. And they work with
9 You should and always play Mass EFFECT 3 without an internet connection. What a DOUCHE. (INFACT ALL YOUR GAMES SHOULD WORK WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIREMENT especially campaign mode.
(By they way, I am insulting you, because I was huge fan. It seems like you stabbed me with a knife.)

This what you should do:
Work on the single player campaign
Re Release the collection pack with all the DLC on disk
If you have any more DLC. Just create a whole new game.
Make sure all your games work without an internet connection requirement.
Work on the Game Mechanics. Get Those perfect.
Because of this company I got into role playing games. My first love was your storytelling and your game mechanics.
I want you guys to Focus.

Please don't be like one of those companies that disrespect their fans. EA is known for that.
ex. shooting a game into space.
another ex. Getting cocky at fan when they ask you when is the release date at comic con because that fan could not watch the panel (Dallas Dickenson.) Sorry I can't spell. But I do know this, the name has the word "DICK" in it. (Send that to the southern office, please?)

You guys have to realize that games are not a requirement. They are just entertainment. Don't fall into that enemy's trap. Meaning…. the Dark Knight quote. " you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

By the way can you tell Bioware south to start working on a new KOTOR. Please no MMORPG.
Just storyline so can join my own game. I hate playing with other people. Plus, I have a feeling that they are losing money. They should have done KOTOR all this time but seperate. Ex. bounty hunter mode, jedi counselor mode, Jedi knight mode, etc. They messed up, too. I'll give you guys an F. F for just how F(&**) up you guys are treating customers. .. By the way I am still waiting for Dragon AGE 2 collection with DLC on disk. Get on that please.

Do not be that villain.[img][/img]

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