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etfp avatar 1:44 PM on 09.07.2008  (server time)

okay so i race down to the flugtag, camera in hand. i jump on the bus, head east and get to the beach. there's a big crowd there and i'm enjoying myself. i went to a lil stand to grab a couple of hotdogs and the events about to start.

i hand my hotdog to my friend so i can get my camera out's not working. wha?

i notice that my camera was lighter than usual. shit. i left the battery in the charger.

i snatch the hotdog back. and watched as the fucking crustacean avengers win first place.

but with that out of the way.

to commemorate the season opener of FOOTBAAAAAALL (i'm in chicago, we have to say it like that), i thought i'd share my baked chicken recipe.

and if you're not going to watch football and play games today or some crazy shit like that. i'll just give it a cool video game themed name like "link's thrown chicken" or whatever.

link's thrown chicken (or how i oven bake chicken)

3 or 4 lb chicken, either already cut up or a whole chicken.
olive oil
can of beer
salt and pepper
lemon pepper
garlic powder (but i like using adobo)

- preheat your oven to 400 degrees. while that's heating up, wash your chicken and dry with a paper towel. coat the bottom of your roasting pan with the olive oil. lovingly put some olive oil and rub it in. like you would do a girl. except the girl is made of chicken skin.
- season all of the pieces with the salt, pepper, lemon pepper and garlic powder on both sides. arrange in the pan so the largest pieces are in the center like the thighs and breasts...heh heh.
- take that can of beer and maybe 1/4 cup of water. pour the water in the pan (but not on the chicken). then pour the beer in the pan the same way. let it settle so it coats the whole bottom of the pan.
- bake in the oven for 30 minutes. baste as it cooks. then lower the heat to about 350-375 and bake for another 13-36 minutes (approx 13-14 minutes per lb in case you have more than 3 lbs.) until the juices run clear (heh heh...juices). if the internal temperature is around 180 degrees you're good togo.
- take roasting pan out of oven and cover with foil for 10 minutes before serving.


well today i'm just going to watch the rest of the games and my roommate and i are planning on throwing another party. last time it was a wii party. but since the wii is a piece of crap now, i think i'm going to center it around retro games. if anybody wants to donate an nes, let me know. kidding.

no i'm not.

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