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eternalplayer2345 avatar 12:52 PM on 07.15.2008  (server time)
two reasons why there's still hope for Nintendo

Nintendo's press conference just closed, Nintendo fans are pissed, betrayed and a little upset. But do they have reason to be? Let's look at some reason that nintendo hasn't betrayed there core audiences.

Hardcore games weren't shown but they have them

How is this a reason? It's the very reason we are mad! WHERE THE HELL IS THE HARDCORE GAMEZ!!!1! Listen nintendo had a opportunity to show off some of the core games we know are out there. Captain Rainbow, Warioland, fire emblem and kirby superstar ds could have been shown off. Wario and Kirby are due out in two short months. Nintendo is showing that it doesn't need to show these hardcore titles in their presser instead they focused on the casual games for the press.

Nintendo's press conference don't always show off their big games

E3 06 two short years ago we wanted to heard everything about nintendo new game console. One probably remembers E3 06 as the place were brawl was first shown. But what few recall is that brawl wasn't in their press conference that year it was shown in video form tucked away in their booth that year. If Two years ago when nintendo had yet to prove this new nongames market and still but brawl off to the side, why would this change when people can't get enough of the wii plays and wii fit.

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