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eternalplayer2345 avatar 12:01 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 things you probably don't even care about eternalplayer

10. I'm usually very paranoid about posting cblogs and am almost always feel like they are of poor quality when I post them. Not matter how long or well thought out I must overly correct things.

9. I'm a senior in a christian high school and I know this might make alot of people cringe or whatever but despite them being ridiculously intolerance they can be some of the nicest people in the world.

8.I am a bad procrastinator and usually due my work in at the last minute. I am trying to fix this quickly for college but it doesn't at this time seem likely that I'll be able to.

7. I've only lived one place other than Kentucky my whole life and that was Nebraska. I lived in a enormous skyscrapper and I love living in the middle of a big city down there but I hated how outside the city was nothing but corn fields.

6. I use a very robust vocabulary and it annoys my friends a lot. I know the largest word in the english language and how to spell it! I also hate people who say I'm using big words for the sake of it, because I'm totally not.

5. I was going to start writing for but after only one feature and a small news story, I realized how hard it for me to be negative. I have yet to tell Wardrox this and I hope he won't be too mad.

4. I'm the only person in my class who does not play some type of sport. I love playing soccer but I never committed enough to actual be on the team. I also am very subconscious about how I play if I do ever play a sport. I tried to take up golf but I just fell out of that for some reason.

3. I am naturally argumentative and can easily get into a debate about anything I disagree with no matter how small and innocent it may be.

2. I am very bad about completing video games, I had a bad habit about dropping games when a newer one come out. I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments that I was able to beat persona 3 :fes in one hundred and ten hours.

1.I love sociology and psychology and plan for sociology to be my major in college. I originally wanted to minor in Japanese but my prospective college does not offer it. I have a fear that I will never learn Japanese in my life.

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