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I'm into a bit of everything. At the moment I only have a PS2 and a Gamecube, but I'm hoping to get a job soon, so I can start collecting more stuff. I'm a very big Super Smash Brothers Melee player, and I've been playing the game almost at a competitive level for a year now.

I'm here just to read/try to spread the word of gaming around, I've been just recently introduced to Destructoid, so I consider myself a newbie. I do however hope to become a regular in this community.

The facepalm. We all have learned to love it, and we have become experts upon using it. The facepalm, it can only be described as the best way to express your feelings toward the epic failure you have upon you.

I fired up Super Mario: The Legend of the Seven stars today, for some trips down memory lane. I was met with a New Game? option, and much to my dismay, all my previous adventures had disappeared. So I whizzed through the beginning, skipped all the "OMG LERNHOW2EQUIP ?!" tutorials, and got my first party member, as we all remember, Mallow the tadpole. Before he joined my cause we had a short conversation. For those of you who are not familiar/don't remember, this crocodile guy stole his grandfather's coin, which means he cannot finish his errand. For those veterans, remember how his tears caused rainfall? Oh man I wish I could do that.

Anyways, I began to talk to the little guy, only to be met with this screen:

I think I literally face palmed at this, but what happened next, could be apart of the first ever face palms in video game history.

You, my friends, are viewing internet/vg history.

Shameful promotion? Or a bold new step. You decide.

The guys over at Nuts (NSFW) decided to combine the two best things every man enjoys. Video games, and boobies. 12 videos of beautiful women showing all they got.. playing Wii. Oh god, yes.

Satisfy your eyes.

Thanks to: unfinity.

Oh, and this is NSFW, go figure.

1:31 AM on 12.01.2007

Everyone knows that for a game to look good, the water/ocean/sea/river/body of water has to look realistic. The better it looks, the more recent the game is. I came across a bunch of screenshots of water, back in the day, and now. Its really amazing how we've progressed so much over the years. Take a look for yourself.

1987: California Games

2007: Flight Sim X

Find more examples here.

Thanks to: emobrat

7:26 PM on 11.28.2007

Normally I would post a video then have a long and well thought out paragraph explaining my perspectives, but this one just is too much.

And yes, I do know that Are you smarter than a 5th grader is just a scheme to humiliate rednecks and blondes in front of millions.

Anyone else notice how the questions seem to get harder every year? I don't remember learning about capitals of countries in Europe until the 7th grade.

Hey everyone.

So yesterday I was out at a LAN party hosted with some friends of mine. Nothing too big, we had about maybe 6+ people there, and we played a bunch of PC games, as well as everyone's favorite, Super Smash Bros Melee, and we even busted out the Wii motes and played some Wii Sports.

Near the end, we were cleaning up when my best friend approached me. After asking what was up, he told me that he came and needed some advice. Turns out that he came to the LAN party, when he really should have been on a date with his girlfriend. After an obvious "what the hell man !" I tried to comfort him, cause obviously he was feeling like shit.

This morning he IMed me, and told me that he had called his girlfriend, and that she was "seriously thinking about our relationship" In more simpler terms, she wanted to break up. Obviously he's going to blame his failure on one thing, video games.

This is the type of stuff that just gives games a bad name. I'm no relationship expert myself, I'm in a relationship, and I can safely that I have given up a lot of video game time just for her. Its not that I don't mind, but then here comes a hardcore gamer refuses to give up anything for anyone. How does he expect to maintain a relationship when he refuses to even see her?

This isn't the first time that I've seen this done, so many times have we seen things go wrong over people who love games more than life. What seriously needs to stop is the accusations of the games. Its not their fault, its the person's fault.

I'd just like to share that story with a video gaming community, but I ask you guys, have you ever seen this happen? Or know someone that this has happened to?