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10:52 PM on 11.16.2009

Modern Warfare 2 (PC) - Post Release petition

If you happen to have bought MW2 on the PC, and you feel a bit miffed about not having some pretty basic FPS features ( like lean, ping read-outs, and some of the other originally promised features) feel free to sign the post release petition. below is a description of the petition.

This petition has been formed in order to request that Infinity Ward, the developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, to review their decision with regards to the following:

- Support for an in-game console;
- Support for the “/record” feature;
- Support for the lean feature;
- Support for auto-balancing;
- Support for multiple profiles;
- Support for better Graphics and FOV control;
- Support for actual ping readouts in ms (not graphs);
- Support for a tournament game type (like Promod);

Dedicated Server/IWNet specific:

- Support for mod tools and modded Dedicated Servers;
- Support for Punkbuster enabled Dedicated Servers;
- Support for Dedicated Server admins to choose player numbers (Max: 50);
- Support for PC gamers to choose if they wish to connect to an IWNet P2P server or a Dedicated Server (hosted by clans/individuals, etc)

The PC Community strongly believes that with the lack of these basic features, in comparison to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that the future of Modern Warfare 2 looks bleak and also raises a further concerning outlook for the future of the PC Gaming Community.

We would like to see that Infinity Ward recognises our feedback/concerns and communicates with the PC Community. We feel that up to this point we have been treated as an inferior customer because we do not play a console platform. We hope that this petition (post Modern Warfare 2 release) will help us to overcome the worsening relationship that Infinity Ward currently have, with the PC Community and will help us to again, regain a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

It is requested that all signatories only sign once (and as themselves) so that this petition accurately represents the views/concerns/feedback of the PC Community.


The Undersigned   read

2:36 PM on 11.14.2009

MW2 update breaks matchmaking

Yesterday, IW released a minor patch that was supposed to improve matchmaking, but today it seems as though the patch has achieved just the opposite. For many (myself included) the public playlists now display 0/0 players across the board. Of the games i've been able to track down there seems to only be teams of 2 or 3. lame. hopefully a quick fix will be introduced. Now its off to play some left 4 dead 2 demo.   read

3:45 AM on 11.11.2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review

While I stood in line this morning for my copy of the much hyped shooter, I wondered to myself just how long this game was going to keep my attention before I felt the need to move on to something else (mainly Left 4 Dead 2). I got home, turned off my phone, and fired er' up.

There were a couple things that I was keeping an eye out for, such as the length of the SP campaign, the approachability of the multiplayer mode, and the games ability to keep me interested.

I knew going into this that the story would remain compelling, and it was. Although there were some things which I found irksome, such as the fact that IW removed the ability to lean as well as the ability to change fire modes. I decided to play through on Hardened- and intro to credits took me a mere 7 and a half hours. Admittedly, I only found 5 out of 40ish secret intel drops which should give some perspective as to how thorough I was.

The levels were varied and the fights were fun, although there was a point near the middle when everything felt dreadfully repetitive. I suspect that I will play the single player maybe once again in the life of the game. If you are the type of person that loves to change your weapons up every 30 seconds or so - than this is the game for you! Thanks to the fact that each enemy seems to carry their very own personal militia, there is never a point when you are stuck to one gun set.

The visuals were good, with sharp textures and no pop-in, although the game does not contain a gameplay tab in the options, and as such does not allow the player to alter the violence. I am never one to reduce the gore of a game, yet there were times throughout the campaign when I desperately wished for a way to turn off the blood splatter overlay. It often was the case that once I was hit, I was blinded - so I often got the impression that 1 hit= death. After a while, it got to be cumbersome. There were occasional moments where the graphics would choke and my GPU would spike to 95c from 78c. oddly enough this was most noticeable during the credits.

The end of the game comes rather suddenly and leaves you wondering if they purposely cut it short so that they could release the rest of the game as DLC. Despite the jarringly abrupt end, I left the single player portion with highlights from the game reeling through my head. It will stick with you, that much I can guarantee.


seeing as how I purchased the PC edition, I was immediately aware of the fact that I would not be playing on dedicated servers. I stayed optimistic that their matchmaking mode would be a welcome change in disguise. Although outright I must admit that I miss the old system of scrolling through 100s of server lists, scouting out that one special server that's running all the right mods. I miss moderators being able to kick DB's and noob tubers. I miss the rediculous server side mods that bumped the player count up to 32 vs. 32. there are many things that IW did to improve upon the core mechanics of multiplayer - but the omission of the ability to chose what map you play on makes all their work seem like a cheap trade. I want to be able to play on a server that has mixed game types in their rotations, and I want to be able to play all modes on hardcore. perhaps IW will follow in the footsteps of Valve via L4D and release a patch which will add dedicated servers. here's wishful thinking.

now that my rant is over, there are many good things about the MP portion of COD6- and in all likely hood, I will continue to play this version. One addition I particularly like is the ability to silence your sniper rifle. There are other fun things like akimbo sidearms and a whole slew of new killstreak modifiers... as well as the inclusion of deathstreak modifiers. There are a TON of maps, although each one the game put me on seemed to be one of only 3. The game has all the standard modes, although you have to obtain a higher rank if you want to play them all. One difference from the previous installment is the lack of a hardcore variant to all modes, rather now, there is only a hardcore team deathmatch mode. I never got around to playing the spec ops mode- but give it another day or two and I'll update this to include the new mode.

If I were given a second chance, I probably would wait until the game is a bit cheaper- if only because of the surprisingly short campaign and lackluster multiplayer system. The game is fun, and the multiplayer engaging- but the whole time I got the feeling that I was having my hand held throughout the process. Playing was like taking an amusement park ride through your old house after new furniture was added. The furniture added some flare and the whole thing maintained a sense of familiarity, but at the end you realize that your encounter was restricted. You realize that this is a very different experience.

what's your take on the game so far?   read

2:15 PM on 10.31.2009

Dragon Age leaked

With a whole slew of AAA titles coming out just in time for the holidays, it is no surprise that Microsoft has started swinging around its ban hammer again. But despite such countermeasures and the recent upgrade to wave 4, the much anticipated Dragon Age has found itself online days before its official release date of 11/03/09.

Dragon Age is a fantasy RPG developed by Bioware, the epic team behind Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and the upcoming Mass Effect 2.   read

4:01 PM on 10.30.2009

Long awaited MTX is here

The good people over at have rolled out the public beta release of MTX, and with it- the release of AT1: Battletech 2.3.0. MTX is also the application that will soon be used to distribute the free version of Mechwarrior 4, which was announced back in July.

In their own words " MekTek X is a multi-featured application that we will be using to distribute our software and updates. With features such as integrated chatrooms, web browser, and the capability to update and launch your favorite MekTek releases, it will make obtaining, mainaining and using all your programs a snap."

If you haven't already taken a look, swing over to to get the full scoop.   read

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