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Hey everyone,its epicsonson here to tell you more about halo 4! So,if you didnt get the halo reach special edition,i'll tell you what your missing out on.the special edition,you get a package(very professional package) with a sticker saying how top secret it is.inside it is ______ ______.hahahaha,you actually thought i was gunna tell you top secret stuff.....helll no!but you do get some cool things for the game like codes for the recon helmet,3 day xbox live pass and a map pack i think.
sorry the blog is so short but next time i'll get some more info and you'll be info filled

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12:52 PM on 06.18.2011

Hello all you gamers this IS epicsonson,i cant wait tell halo 4 comes out cause' i have all the halo games a i want to keep that the same. If you have halo reach then i will tell you a way to get a hint of whats going to be in halo 4 if you haven't seen the trailer. First,go to the armory and look go to the fire fight voices and go all the way down to 117's voice,then play all the voices a couple of times and he will say some things that give some stuff from halo 4 away.also watch the teaser on youtube.

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12:21 PM on 06.18.2011

So,i saw all those comments and all those crapy blogs...it was my lil' brother.forgive me for staying logged on so he could get on and i'll make sure i wont give you false info like this guy did and i can actually spell my own name right.so this isnt a blog,just saying im now blogging not my mental lil bro who cant spell.

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5:14 PM on 04.30.2011

While the time ive been gone ive beens playing madden 11 on xbox live,and its really cool,and also i noticed that people know alot of glitches and hacks cause' people have been helping me a hell of alot.by the way my gamer profile name is AFRONINJA if you where wondering(you probly were not).
Alot of the games that i play on xbox live people help me even if there not on my team and tell me what to do to get achievments and glitches to get medals and to walk through walls.one time i got like 20 medals because some one told me a glitch.im usualy the halairios bad ass killing every one with a MG or somthin.

''AFRONINJA is a pretty funny dude on xbox live and hes pretty gangster.ive never met him but he told me his name and he knows mine.hes one dude that knows what hes doin in gears of war,madden 11,halo reach and...just about any game'' -nate


4:25 PM on 04.16.2011

Hello every one.I am back with some news and more news and stuff to talk about.1)Capcom is sourt of going down hill besides that they just had the best game ever-marval vs capcom.but i realy think that they should make a RE6 because they have more to talk about because in one of them(i think 2),jill falls out of a window with wesker and they didnt find either of the bodys.in 5 you fight wesker,but what about jill.maybe the infection gets past on and more mangie,los gondoes and all they zombies and lickers and crap.and maybe another wesker got past on by that chick that was always with wesker and wanted to help him take over the world.so there for you would try to take out the chik then take out wesker so you could wipe out the zombie infection

2)i've noticed that peeps think and KNOW that portal is realy random cause your after a cake and a robot keeps tell ing you ''the cake is a lie,its a lie''.but also your
testing portals,and i think its pretty cool that you can fly down the screen shooting portals so you can
teliport and all that.I will admit that it is VERY random and it is a little to fast but other than that it is a good game.

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Hello every one in the world(s) that reads this and how are you doing.While i've been gone i got some facts about the latist gaming crap.Some of it might be from ign or G.I but i dont remember.but i know that in gears of war 3 there is alot more chain saw fights.also,it has some cool maps and bonus maps for vs or fire fight.there are some new charicters that i wont tell you about because i dont want to completly spoil it.Of course better graphics and a hella creapy level where there are f***ing rock frozen people...well,thats what i saw in the trailer

I think they should make a new 50 cent game because those games are awesome.its almost like grand theft auto but you play with some one real and hes realy awesome in so many differant ways.inbullet proof that i havent played for like 4 years now im pretty sure you can chace of drug dealers or kill other gang members 'cause i think your a blood.also if they made a rapping game sourta like rock band singing or karoke but your rapping to eminem or T.I. or jay z or some one realy epic.

I hear that portal 2 is realy random-actualy i know its realy random because your after a cake,the last cake in the world,or maybe it was a differant game.ok,on the 19 of this month duke nukem AND portal comes out and im gunna have a ''big frikkin party''

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