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5:43 AM on 08.06.2008

retro games and their fans can suck my dick.

when i was a kid, i loved shitty 8-bit megaman; i even bought megaman 2 port for pc and it was probably the first time a bust a nut;

anyways it's 2008 and meGAYman 9 is rocking the same fucking pixels. that's bullshit. if i'm to even bother the game needs to be really fucking 'blow your dick off' magic.

also, if you got hyped over the nextgen bionic commando simply 'cuz it's bionic commando, you're fucking dumb. the game was for NES, and the hype is unwarranted and ridiculous.. but not the remake; though it's probably shit, you can at least be hyped over something if you know what to expect-- not because of the name-- you tool of nostalgia.   read

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