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Overdue Review: Dawn of War II

(In this brand new series I may or may not be doing I'll review games that are in a sense old. Since we as gamers have really short attention spans and everyone of us as ADD ADHD and drink Mt. Dew by the gallon.) Ok I'll ...


I Suck At Games: Losing

Yeah mother fucker I said it. When it comes to gaming I am God. I pwn n00bs like it's fucking bitches. And trust me I fuck plenty of bitches. Fatal1ty? Yeah I rape him. Your 12 year old cousin? I teabag him all night. I ma...


OMG! OMG! OMG! Dethklok+Mastodon=WIN!

Just saw the promo on CN and...HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I've been dying to see Mastodon live for about 2 years now but the problem is THEY NEVER COME TO FLORIDA!!!!111111 So instead of seeing them with the fail that is Slipknot las...


Otakcon 2009 Fansub Discussion Panel

Just a quick post. ANN is streaming the entire panel and I thought it was really interesting discussion. I think civil discussions like these are what will bring the industry closer together. Now everyone go fuck off plz. ...


Quick Hits - Week of 7/22/09

(In Quick Hits I rate weekly anime series generally with Thumbs Up, Down, Meh or Dropped. If I can get through the series expect a full review on it sooner or later. Oh and I might be an episode ahead or behind or whatever s...


Holy Shit Balls - Sengoku Basara

OK, well this is my attempt to start blogging more and since Japanator doesn't have C-Blogs (yet?) Dtoid gets this, so suck on it bitches! (And hopefully I will be doing one of these once a week sucks to be you readers.) An...


Holy shit balls new Old Republic Trailer!1

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT! Everyone knows this is CG bus still looks absolutely amazing. Can't be said enough. I really think this game will give WoW a run for it's money. And on a side note WHY COULDN'T THE SHOW OR PREQUELS BE THIS FUCKING AWESOME?


Good Idea, Bad Idea: Grenades

Now many of you just by clicking on this c-blog maybe asking yourself, “Who the fuck is emotoaster?” I have only one things to say. 1.I'm not Robert Summa. A lot of gamers seem to take these things for granted, but can you ...


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