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What started me off on thinking about this was that i had just finished Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama, a great first contact science fiction novel that i have always enjoyed and thought it would be eay cool to own a first edition hardback of it. So i jump on the eBay and try as i might i can't seem to find one. What i do find however is a Rendezvous with Rama Commodore 64 game with what i think is the most impressing game packaging i've seen.

so without further delay



Inside left

Inside right

Inside full

Inside inside left

Inside inside middle left

Inside inside middle right

Inside inside right

Inside inside full

That's pretty damn impressive. A lot of work went into that, they really got the mood and setting down. They also added mission briefing, commanders handbook and map of the ship.

Mission briefing side I

Mission briefing side II

Commanders handbook

Ship map

And the best for last a full topographic map of the Rama plains.

Topographic map left

Topographic map right

Topographic map full

I wish they still made games like this, i makes any current CE look pretty plain. I'll do some more of these from time to time as i think this kind of info should not just fade and disappear.

edit: full res pictures can be found HERE

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